Moving Forward When Life Falls Apart

October 30, 2019 by Monica Switzer

When Word Alive Press contacted me to let me know that I was a finalist in the Women’s Journey of Faith Publishing contest, I was in the middle of one of the most difficult challeng... Click to continue reading

Writing to Survive Grief – and Thrive

October 23, 2019 by Brenda Smit-James

Grief is one of the most difficult emotions we will ever need to navigate in our lives... Click to continue reading

Straight from a Processing Heart

October 16, 2019 by Lisa Elliott

It’s amazing how five simple words can change the way we approach life... Click to continue reading

Come As You Are

October 9, 2019 by Robert (Bob) W. Jones

Come as you are.

Four words that changes lives. The phrase beams with welcome, and acceptance. It’s judgment free... Click to continue reading