Straight from a Caregiver's Heart

September 18, 2019 by Lisa Elliott

If you’ve ever flown on a plane you’ll know the safety drill exercise... Click to continue reading

An Ode To Autumn

September 12, 2019 by Robert (Bob) W. Jones

A change is in the air. A great mellowing is at work.

It’s in the breeze, in the trees, inside each and every one of us... Click to continue reading

Straight from a Yielding Heart

August 15, 2019 by Lisa Elliott

I was recently given a gift. Initially it was a gift I wasn’t sure I really wanted... Click to continue reading

Straight from a Sensitive Heart

July 24, 2019 by Lisa Elliott

Have you ever had a root canal? I’ve now had two. Thankfully my most recent was much less eventful than my first... Click to continue reading