Song Lyrics, Emotion, and Publishing

December 5, 2018 by Evan Braun

Music touches us at a deep level. When you turn on a favourite song, your head will bob up and down, your feet will start to tap, your heart rate will speed up a bit... Click to continue reading

Can I Use That Photo I Found Online?

November 14, 2018 by Evan Braun

The internet makes it really easy for us to find pictures... Click to continue reading

The Accidental Plagiarist

October 5, 2016 by Evan Braun

Plagiarism, simply defined, is when a writer takes the words of another writer and uses them without permission and without attribution, passing them off as their own... Click to continue reading

Playing it Safe with Trademarks

February 4, 2015 by Evan Braun

Let me open today’s post with an example from my own experience. About a year ago, I sat down to critique a novel... Click to continue reading