Because Words Matter

March 13, 2019 by Robert (Bob) W. Jones

Words matter.

Kids know how cutting words can be. Remember?

“Four eyes.”
“Stupid... Click to continue reading

Life Lessons from Climbing a Waterfall

February 13, 2019 by Robert (Bob) W. Jones

There I was, staring up at 900 feet of cascading water and holding hands with a stranger from Maine. Jamaica’s most famous landmark was about to become a checkmark on a bucket list... Click to continue reading

Living Is The Trick: It’s My Life

January 23, 2019 by Robert (Bob) W. Jones

The timing was ironic. Our local “greatest hits” FM station was playing on my car radio. I was traveling south and encountered a funeral procession heading north... Click to continue reading

Hike Every Mountain

August 15, 2018 by Robert (Bob) W. Jones

When Angela Leslie was in the deepest valley of her life, hiking a mountain was a way she got through it and now she helps women facing their own valleys to reach the same heights... Click to continue reading