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After careful review and significant deliberation, Word Alive Press is thrilled to announce the winning manuscripts for our 2020 Braun Book Awards!

2020 Fiction Winner Contest_ribbon_right_inverse
Fiction Winner: Dale Harris

The truths of the past are often the hardest to face. When Grace said goodbye to her fiancé Stephen Walker in 1937, as he left Halifax to participate in an archaeological dig in Greece, she had no idea that World War II would soon erupt across Europe and keep them apart for nearly ten years. Though they are eventually reunited after the war, the trauma of what he did and saw in Greece keeps Stephen from ever speaking about it. When he dies suddenly of a heart attack in 1967 however, Grace finds among his effects the journal he kept during that dark time. As she reads it, she uncovers a story she never imagined, about the man she thought she knew.

“I was overjoyed to learn that my novel Walkers had been selected as the winner of the 2020 Braun Book Award for fiction. Having lived with this story for so many years, I am thrilled to be given this opportunity now to share it with others. I hope that it brings much glory to God and touches many with a deep sense of his love for us.”
—Dale Harris, 2020 Fiction Winner for _Walkers_

2020 Non-Fiction Winner Contest_ribbon_right_inverse
Non-Fiction Winner: Nikki White
Identity in Exodus

In Identity in Exodus_, Nikki White walks you through the life of Moses—a person whose identity was significantly disrupted through displacement and trauma—in order to try and address the identity crisis currently faced by so many people in the Church today. Citing well-researched examples of the struggles typically faced by new and second-generation immigrants, returning missionaries and their children, adoptees, those with social anxiety or mental health issues, and personal experiences, Nikki show how we can come to find our true identity, like Moses, from a corporate sense of “sent-ness” as God’s People.

“I was in a torpor of work-induced screen-fatigue when I received the call. It took some persistence to convince me that I had, in fact, actually won something! I am thankful beyond words, and looking forward to working with the Word Alive Press team to ensure that Identity in Exodus is worthy of this honor.”
—Nikki White, 2020 Non-fiction Winner for _Identity in Exodus

Congratulations to Kevin and Hedy!

We would also like to celebrate the authors of the following exceptional manuscripts that made our shortlists and honourable mention list:

Fiction Shortlist

Terrie Todd for April’s Promise
Terrie Todd for The Last Piece 
Johanna Janssenfor When the Last Stone Falls 
Connie Cook for The Cradle Record
Casey Bradford for Such a Time as This
Diana Lamothe for Broken Arrow 

Fiction Longlist:

Robert Stermscheg for _Stealth_
Benno Kurvits for _The Sahalee Watchman_
Lauren Harrison for _None So Blind_
Christopher Timm for _In the Absence of Eagles_ 
Harold McNabb for _Spirit Code_ 

Non-fiction Shortlist:

Brad Mellette for _Rules of Engagement_ 
Ryan Bondy for _Joyful Finances_
Brenda and Ashley Tindall for _The Way I See Things_
Roger Yenkins for _Church: Community of Faith_
Stephanie Kauffman for _Fingerprints on Pandora’s Box_
Daniel Klassen for _How Do We Glorify God?_

Non-fiction Longlist:

Derek Bradley for _356 1/4 A Thankfulness Project_
Lori Maughan for _No Longer Will We Say_
Deborah June Annunziata for _While We Were Waiting_ 
Philip Powers for _Your Glory_
J David Peever for _Blueprint_
Colt Charlebois for _The Inner Game_