2015-contest-button-sm 2017 Free Publishing Winners

After careful review and significant deliberation, Word Alive Press is thrilled to announce the winning manuscripts for our 2017 Free Publishing Contest!

2017 Fiction Winner Contest_ribbon_right_inverse
Fiction Winner: Anna Raddon
After Miigaadiwin

In After Miigaadiwin, Anna Raddon has masterfully created a captivating world in the future, after the war to end all wars. Follow a team of dynamic characters as they seek to discover their place and faithfully serve their King—even while others threaten to revolt and destroy the established peace.

“The written word is a powerful form of expression, but crafting a book takes perseverance and there are many times I’ve nearly given up writing. I am delighted that After Miigaadiwin will now have the opportunity to touch lives even as it has touched mine.”
—Anna Raddon, Fiction winner for After Miigaadiwin

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Non-Fiction Winner: Chris Karuhije
We Were Royal Refugees: How a Refugee Family Survived the Largest Mass Slaughter in Modern History

When all they knew was going up in flames around them, Alphonse and Thacienne narrowly fled their war-torn country with their lives, and an even stronger faith. The belief that God had saved them for a purpose, led this couple back into the very place that sought to destroy them before. We Were Royal Refugees is the harrowing story of two generations in one family, who each seek to survive the mass slaughter of civilians (the latter of which became known as the Rwandan genocide).

“Not only am I grateful that my manuscript was selected as the winner, I am deeply honored. That this story, my story, of the overwhelming goodness of God in the midst unimaginable horror, could be shared with a global audience is the highest honor I could show to those still persecuted around the world today. Thank you, Word Alive Press, for making this possible!”
—Chris Karuhije, Non-Fiction winner for We Were Royal Refugees

Congratulations to Anna and Chris!

We would also like to celebrate the authors of the following exceptional manuscripts that made our shortlists and honourable mention list:

Fiction Shortlist

Alexis Veenendaal for The Last Travellers
Glen Martin for A Runaway, an Island, and El
Andrea Kell for From the Hero Archives
Faith Eidse for Healing Falls
Myah Williams-Harms for Room 1815

Non-Fiction Shortlist

Keren Elumir for Blessed – Or is it Just Lucky?
Brendalee Vokes for My Journey, My Mission, My Joy!
Mary Foulger for I Had a Son
Jennifer Burne-House for Musical Notes of Encouragement
Kevin MacMillan for All Things in Christ

Honourable Mention list:

Rose-Anne Weiler for As Surely as the Sparks Fly Upward
Kathy Berklund for The Caves of Fire
Debra Currie for Escape To Killaloma
Brenda Oster for Pearls
Crystal Hildebrand for Breakfast with Tiffany
Paul Wilton for A Matter… Of the Heart
Ashley Cyr for The Parallel Pursuit
Fadi Jolag for Hand Down, Man Down
Rev. George Desjardins for Apocalypse: Perspectives on the End Times
Jerome (Jerry) Salloum for Thin Places (Coming Close to Fragments of Heaven)
Archie Murray for Being Joseph
Carla Anne Coroy for The Whole-Hearted Christian

Congratulations to the shortlisted and honourable mention authors! And a sincere thank you to each and every person who entered our contest this year. We are blessed to have a very talented community of Christian writers in Canada!