The 2018 Women’s Journey of Faith contest is now open!

Word Alive Press and Women’s Journey of Faith are thrilled to launch the search for the next great female Christian author in Canada.

One winning non-fiction manuscript will receive a royalty-based book publishing contract. A value of over $6,000!

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Word Alive Press is a Canadian Christian partnership publishing company.
We provide publishing, marketing and distribution services to get your
inspired message into the hands of readers.

Women’s Journey of Faith is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry for all women.
The organization seeks to live by faith, walk in love, and affirm the call as they
interact with others along the journey and grow as a ministry.


2017 Contest Winner
Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens, for Shine On: The Remarkable True Story of a Quadruple Amputee

“Honey, you’ve been very ill and they’ve had to amputate…” His voice cracked. I searched his face, looking for some kind of clue to tell me why I sensed so much pain from him and in me. “…Your hands and feet.”

Cyndi tried to grasp the new reality that flesh-eating disease had changed her life forever. Her recent memories of being a successful business manager and new mom seemed oceans away.

It just couldn’t be true. I tried to speak, but no words came. Please God—let this be a dream. A sinking, overwhelming feeling crashed down on me as my eyes became heavier and heavier. Darkness threatened to overtake me.

As she grappled with the challenges of an unknown future, Cyndi was left with a question: Why had God allowed this to happen to her? And furthermore, could she ever be whole again?

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2016 Contest Winner
Stacey Weeks, for Glorious Surrender: Discover the Freedom of Living for God
There is a peace and joy found only in a life fully surrendered to the Lord. Glorious Surrender contains tangible evidence of a life lived in surrender to God and the internal battle that comes with it. Order today!

2015 Contest Winner
Marianne Jones with Linda Stewardson, for The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die
As a child, Linda Stewardson suffered abuse at the hands of her stepfather. After a particularly vicious attack, Linda is left for dead, only to be discovered by a passerby and revived in the hospital. Linda is pushed further into misery, and a life of drug addition, prostitution, and repeated suicide attempts. The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die shows that there is no pain too great or darkness too deep for God’s love to transform. Order today!