2015 Free Publishing Contest Results
By Word Alive Press

The much-awaited moment is here: it is time for us to announce our 2015 Free Publishing Contest Shortlist and Winners! We would like to thank every participant for getting involved—you all helped make this a very difficult decision, in the best way possible! And now, without further ado…

Fiction Shortlist

Apostle’s Apprentice, by Wayne Gatley

Apostle’s Apprentice brings Timothy’s story to life in rich detail as he journeys with the Apostle Paul in Asia Minor, towards new self-discovery and missions that will change the world forever.

A Stranger’s Gift, by Cheryl Pearson:

A young woman’s path is intricately entwined with a dying old man in ways neither could ever have imagined. This is a story of love, forgiveness, and acceptance, as Carmen finds the place where she belongs.

Dormer Window, by Pat Reddekopp

When teenager Vincent loses his mother, he finds himself an unwanted orphan struggling to be on his own. When the Hastings family, moves into the vacant house where Vincent has been squatting, a friendship blossoms between Vincent and the Hastings’ son, Cory. A tragedy brings upheaval, hurt, and anger. The road to healing is fraught with pain and danger, but hope may come from where they least expect it.

Where the Evidence Leads, by Wendy L. Macdonald

Wade, a widowed RCMP officer, flees an extortionist and moves to a seaside town where he leads his first homicide case. While the extortionist wants his wallet, Brianne, also a police officer, desires his heart and offers to help solve the case, not t realizing Wade’s faith and a terrible secret stand between them.

Life Buoy, by Eleanor R. Bertin

Biologist Dr. Robert Fielding is adrift in a sea of personal loss and confusion when he meets Anna Fawcett and her disabled son. For Fielding to recover what he’s lost means thinking the unthinkable, exposing his soul and opening an old secret.

Pearls, by Brenda Oster

When Cassie’s family announces they are moving from Alberta to a small Island in Tonga, her life is thrown into upheaval. Separated from her friends and all that she once knew, Cassie must navigate a world more beautiful and dangerous than she imagined. Her many misadventures instill her with a new understanding of God’s love and grace.

God, Love, and All Things Surf, by Rachel Moss

18-year-old Arimathea Tyler is scared of two things—large expanses, and not being able to surf—and has always used fear to fight fear. But when her little brother has a near-death experience, Thea can no longer rise and conquer until she starts fighting with a Higher calling.

Defying the Odds, by Randi Wescott

A young brother and sister journalist team travel to Europe in the last days of World War II. Caught up in the horrors of the war, they soon team up with a German soldier as they run for their lives across Europe.

Finley’s Tale, by Sandra Voelker

Churchmouse Finley Newcastle has spent a year compiling his observations of the goings-on in his small-town church. English is Finley’s second language as his native tongue is Mouse. However, his recordings are fervent and heartfelt and his approach is anything but lackadaisical. Finley’s written account of describing people, mice, and situations is loaded with details, and unaware to him, is illustrated in a comically rib-tickling manner.

Non-Fiction Shortlist

12 Clues: The Prophetic Collision, by Anna Raddon

Itching for the end-times? 12 Clues walks through the foundations of ancient prophecy to discover how the predictions of major faiths appear to align: Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Paganism. The Bible is the only source of prophecy with a proven track record and now little-known prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled in an end-times collision of eschatology.

Light-Hearted Poems, by Bob McCluskey

A creatively concocted collection of Christian poetry of the highest order. From the quirky to the contemplative, this collection of humorous poems will make you smile.

Time—Don’t Let It Kill You, by Steven Stoffelsen

Don’t give up before the promise of God is fulfilled in your life! Steve Stoffelsen shows us how to avoid becoming slaves to time—and survive the many years of preparation before God’s promise is bestowed upon us.

All the Glory Details, by Nancy Christenson

Nancy Christenson is awakened one morning to news no parent wants to hear: her son Lindsay has been in a car accident with a very close friend of his. Lindsay survives, but the death of his friend sends shockwaves through the family. God is there for Lindsay and his family as they walked through this tragedy, as He will be for anyone who reaches out to Him.

My Child, My Chance, by Susan Zuidema

How do we raise our children to lead Christian lives when the school board is giving them mixed messages? My Child, My Chance arms parents with the facts and research that form the basis of the new Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum and to set clear priorities and goals for families. Parents will be prepared to intentionally disciple their children, setting a foundation of truth based on God’s Word and of who they are in Him: how He sees them; why He made them.

Empty Hands to Open Arms, by Paula Hernando

A sensitively written chronological journey detailing hopes and emotional devastation of infertility. Paula Hernando shares her story of impossible conception without a ready resolution, concluding with her personal healing through a revelation of God’s view of motherhood.

Love vs. Fear, by Sylvia St. Cyr

Most people think that the opposite of love is hate, when actually the opposite of love is fear. Sylvia St Cyr goes in depth on the differences of love and fear. Through life experiences of her own, as well research, St. Cyr discusses how any human being can walk more in love and less in fear in their own lives, using the verse 1 John 4:18.

It Matters, by Terry Pitts

It Matters has risen to the shortlist for the second year running! Pitts takes the reader on a journey from our broken world to an incredible future. It is a new slant on prophecy which is uniquely written, richly illustrated, and Biblically based, even in its controversy. It marries the human condition, science, and the Bible in understandable, thought provoking ways. Readers will find amazing new revelations about what’s to come and where their hope lies.

Bringing Up Mother, by Beverley Johnson

Bringing Up Mother is a candid and revealing account of Beverley Johnson’s spiritual experiences and the struggles that characterize her growth and development over the years. The story shares her early childhood prayers for a personal Bible story from God and recounts how the faith of her youth was shaped and changed over time into a most amazing Bible story.

Fiction Winner: Karen Beintema, Retribution

Jonas Everard is a soldier driven by revenge, seeking atonement for his friend’s unnecessary death by ruining the woman who drove his friend over the edge. When he meets Daphne Turnbull, he thinks he’s found his mark, despite the respect and admiration that he comes to feel for her. Will her infectious faith in God draw Jonas to the One who can heal his wounded soul? Or will his thirst for revenge succeed in destroying the lives of the Turnbull family?

Non-Fiction Winner: Ron Mahler, Radical Apprentices

How can believers today express their commitment to Jesus in a way that is relevant and alluring? Ron Mahler re-introduces the early Church as the penultimate example for Christians to emulate, for how “radical” they were in every facet of their faith and ministry. The trail-blazing testimony of our pioneering Christian ancestors challenges us to imagine a time when faith and fellowship were not just about believing in certain doctrines and doing “Christian” things, but also about living like Jesus lived.

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