The Braun Book Awards

After careful review and significant deliberation, Word Alive Press is thrilled to announce the winning manuscripts for our 2024 Braun Book Awards!

2024 Winners

2024 Fiction Winner
Felicia Landie for A Song in the Night

“I am so excited and thankful to receive this award. All glory to God!” —Felicia Landie

2024 Non-Fiction Winner
Karissa Sovdi for Surviving Christianity Unmarried

"Thank you so much Word Alive Press for this great honour. I’m excited for this opportunity to share the good news with Christian singles they can be fulfilled, purposeful, and happy regardless of their relationship status." —Karissa Sovdi

Congratulations to Karissa and Felicia!


We would also like to celebrate the authors of the following exceptional manuscripts that made our short and long lists:

Non-Fiction Short List:
Lissa Simms, Good Soil
Jeff Decontie, Come Holy Spirit: Modern Mediations
Benjamin Maiangwa, One Boy
Kristine Penner Friesen, Uncle in Denims
David MacKenzie, Let There Be Light
Robyn Olfert, All in My Head? My Beautiful Life with Invisible Illnesses

Fiction Short List:
Samantha Adkins, Fair is Foul
Jack Taylor, The Sacrifice: A Yearning for Messiah
Johanna Janssen, When the Last Stone Falls
Garry Braun, Scotty Meets Police
Ineke Neutel, Misery after the Celebration

Non-Fiction Long List:
Leah Grey, Dear Fish
Anne Asim, Being Sarah's Daughters
Niomi Klassen, God's Not Done with You Yet
Lisa Power, Power to Promise
Bianca Schaefer, The Wellness Whisperer: Discover the Way to a Healthy Body and Soul
Elva Porter, Between Airports
Janice Sampson, Eagle Wings and Little Things
Stephen Kent Roney, The Truth about Dragons

Fiction Long List:
Dunni Olatunde, Until Redemption Came
Sayward MacInnis, Walking in the Spirit
Robert Montgomery, Quảng Trị Quagmire: A Vietnam War Novel of Service, Survival and Recovery
Aliana Jane, The Gardener's Promise
Elaine Burger, The Way



Thank you again to everyone who participated in the 2024 Braun Book Awards! We continue to be excited by the calibre of Christian writing in Canada, and are grateful for the opportunity to review each and every manuscript.

Participants who requested feedback can expect to receive that via email in the coming weeks.