The Braun Book Awards

After careful review and significant deliberation, Word Alive Press is thrilled to announce the winning manuscripts for our 2022 Braun Book Awards!

2022 Winners

2022 Non-Fiction Winner
Stephanie Morales Beaulieu for Anything But Ordinary

"I was not sure how I was going to get this book across the finish line when I received the phone call that my manuscript had been selected as the Braun Book Award Winner. I am humbled and grateful to have help putting this message into the hands, heads, and hearts of those who need hope in hard times." —Stephanie Morales Beaulieu

2022 Fiction Winner
Terrie Todd for From the Ashes

“No author is a stranger to disappointment and rejection. So often, it seems God’s plans for our stories do not include publication. We’re tempted to quit. Then, often when we least expect it, He surprises us in ways He could not have done had we given up. I’m so honoured and grateful to Word Alive Press for this opportunity. It confirms my favourite Bible verse, ‘The Lord will accomplish what concerns me’ (Psalm 138:8).” —Terrie Todd

Congratulations to Stephanie and Terrie!

We would also like to celebrate the authors of the following exceptional manuscripts that made our shortlists and longlists:

2022 Non-Fiction Shortlist
Robert Lyon, Don't Throw Out Your Bible
Lorn Gieck, The Gifted Life
Bob Carroll, The Father's Heart
Rajkumari, The King's Daughter
Deborah June Annunziata, While We Were Waiting

2022 Fiction Shortlist
Karen Robichaud, The Bad Reputations
Kodie Van Dusen, Birds in the Black Water
Temiah Thiessen, Voice of the Ashes
Connie Cook, The Lights and the Perfections

2022 Non-Fiction Longlist
Mary Foulger, Not Insignificant
Elaine Lu, Going Where God Leads
Bhreagh Rowe, Holy Mama!
Daniel Love, Rocks, Roots, Ruts & Ridges
John Chalkias, Amazing Abundance

2022 Fiction Longlist
Sherrilou McGregor, The Years of the Wicked
Shane Ducommun, A Standard Arises
Karen Petkau, The CurE: Contamination
Nicole Lam, Dear Future Husband
Iris Munchinsky, Shadow of the Masters
Jack Taylor, Simeon and Ana
K.M. Wray, The English Teacher's Diary


We are humbled by the calibre of Christian writing in Canada and truly grateful for the opportunity to review each and every manuscript. Feedback forms have now been sent to all the participants who requested it. If you have not yet received your feedback, it may have been filtered into your Junk folder. If not, please contact Ariana, our Contest Administrator:

Thank you again to everyone who participated and made this an exceptional year.