2016 Free Publishing Contest Winners
By Word Alive Press

The day is finally here! A decision has been reached and we are pleased to showcase our 2016 Free Publishing Contest Honourable Mentions, Shortlist, and Winners!

Before we do though, we would like send a special thank you to everyone who entered this year! We cannot even begin to describe how humbled we are by the caliber of Canadian Christian manuscripts we had to choose from. And now, without further ado…

Fiction Honourable Mentions

Finley’s Tale, In the Beginning, by Sandra Voelker
Steeped Tea, by Crys Brunham
A Not so Great Adventure, by Alexis Veenendaal
Hide and Seek, by Alyssa Harrington
Pitt Cain, by Grant McDowell
From the Embers, by Melanie Naundorf
Love Thy Neighbour, by Cheryl Pearson
Indescribable Lake Huron, by Linda Stauth

Fiction Shortlist

Emma’s Call, by Donna Mann:

Emma Taylor, an educated and experienced evangelist in the early 1900s, leaves ministry behind as she cherishes her new role as pastor’s wife. However God’s call cannot be set aside so easily and leads her into interesting situations.

One More Tomorrow, by Melanie Rossdeutscher

In this story of forgiveness and freedom, one woman finds herself bound to a past she cannot forget, and another is driven by choices she can neither change nor accept. The two friends struggle to sort through the complexities of life amid the challenging circumstances that surround them.

The Crossmaker’s Guardian, by Jack Taylor

Titius Marcus Julianus forsakes his rights to becoming a Roman Senator to reap revenge, rediscover lost love and reclaim his honor. He submits himself to a clandestine band of thespian assassins in Palestine as they work to subjugate Barabbas and his zealot warriors under the power of the cross.

Crossed Off the List, by Lynn Glover

As a child, Phyzz had a close relationship with God and loved Him, but because of life’s many hurts, she now feels He has rejected her. After suffering a loved one’s betrayal, battling an anxiety disorder, and feeling utterly lost, Phyzz embarks on a journey to face her own demons and rediscover Him.

No One Told, by Beverley Hopwood

Set in small town Ontario in 1941, 11 year old Olive De Groote remains with her grandparents long after the birth of a severely handicapped brother, having no contact with her parents until she moves to Toronto. She struggles to find answers, and in the end, she decides some things do need to be told.

The Fisherman’s Daughter, by Katie Pezzutto

A fifteen-year-old Jewish girl defies the iron clutch of a political superpower, Rome all the while nurturing a friendship with the daughter of Rome’s leading military strategists. As a result, Kelila finds herself righting her wrongs amidst chaos as she races to piece the members of her family back together.

Non-Fiction Honourable Mentions

Only Ever: The Pursuit of Unreasonable Purpose, by Jason Johnson
Interplay, by Benno Kurvits
Becoming Revival, by Jay Cooling
Where I Am Let My Servant Be, by Vladimir Hrubik
Faith for Living, by John Olubobokun
Christian Comfort, by Darlene L Pevach
Holy Housekeeping, by E. Janet Warren
Free to Be Fully Me, by Natalie Gidney

Non-Fiction Shortlist

Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness, by Andrea Thom

Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness is a Christ-centered approach to studying scripture for today’s Christian woman, on a biblical story that explodes hope and redemption into impossible kinds of brokenness. The in-depth study approach along with a winsome commentary style, is easy to follow and motivating to read!

Out from Under the Table, by Linda Seabrook

After discovering what the scriptures had to say regarding loneliness, Seabrook intertwined bible study questions with some of her own story, her struggle with loneliness, and how God met her need in an often difficult place.

Over the Walls of Anger, Into Each Other’s Arms, by Susan Armitage

This is a handbook for couples that will help them develop a stronger connection. It encompasses anger regulation tools and is integrated with Attachment Theory.

His Love, by Russ Schroeder

This book is based on the verse in Eph 5:25 “Husbands love your wife as Christ loved the Church”. It provides twenty-three relevant and engaging examples of Christ’s love and how they apply to your marriage in practical contemporary ways.

Not Alone, by Andrea Calvert

This is a story of depression and perseverance. Most of all, it’s a story about how God answers our pleas in the most extraordinary ways.

Mystery in a Box: James the Brother of Jesus, by David Kitz

This book is an in depth look at the life of James, the brother of Jesus, as he transitions from an unbeliever to become the leader of the church in Jerusalem and the author of the Epistle of James.

Fiction Winner: Ruth Waring, Harvest of Lies

Deception, lies, revenge, and forgiveness entwine the lives of Spencer and Dianne Ralston. When Dianne is diagnosed with early-onset dementia at fifty-eight, Spencer’s demand for accountability for his wife’s betrayal seems moot. Only when he is faced with the knowledge of a daughter he never knew he had, does he understand true forgiveness and what happens when it is refused.

Non-Fiction Winner: Steven Stoffelsen, Time: Don’t let it Kill You

We live in a very fast paced day and age, and we want everything to come quickly. We also expect God’s promises to be fulfilled overnight in our lives; however the vision He gives is rarely ever fulfilled in a short time. It usually comes with years of preparation, during which important work is done to ready us. If God promised you something, He will make sure that it comes to pass. Trust in His timing and you will see that it was well worth the wait.

Thank you again to each and every participant in this year’s contest!

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