5 Creative Gifts for Writers
By Kylee Unrau

Are you struggling to find a gift for the writer in your life? Or maybe you are a writer, but just can’t think of what you’d like to friends and family to get you for Christmas! While we know that gifts are not the main reason for this holiday season, a lot of us still want to find our friends practical and beautiful gifts, and writers can be a challenging bunch!

Here are a few ideas to help them get their creative juices flowing and get their next great book written:

1. A Keepsake Pen: For most of us, buying a new Macbook for the writer in our life is not possible, so why not go for the next best thing? There are so many beautiful options that you’re bound to find a writing utensil that serves their every need! Keep it simple, with the Seven Year Pen, (available through Indigo), or choose something more ornate and personalized by engraving an inspiring quote or the author’s penname on it, as a special tool for the book signings in their future.

2. Library Stamps: These are an idea that I’ve seen a few times, but never cease to amaze me. You can even personalize them to the writer’s name! This way your friends will never misplace borrowed books again. You can also do custom embossing (try Etsy or Off Beat Home)

3. Books: Seriously, you can never go wrong with books. If you buy them, they will read. A great alternative suggestion is an Audible membership, so they can listen to their favourite stories when they’re out for a walk, or a subscription to a service like Scribd, where you can read as many ebooks as you want for a monthly rate!

4. Book Ends or shelves: To hold all those great books you will get them (and all the manuscripts that are waiting to be published). You could go for a classic design, or something a little more whimsical. My personal favourites are these invisible shelves.

5. Tea or Coffee: Really any kind of snack will do, but being creative about it always makes an impression. Disneyland sells a Wonderland Tea that I’ve never tried, but it smells amazing. You can get it on Amazon, here. Many places have great ethically sourced coffee and chocolate as well, so your special gift can encourage their writing and save the world at the same time!

These are just some of the fabulous ideas for writers that I’ve come across. Feel free to check out our Pinterest page, What Every Writer Needs, for more inspiration.

We would love to hear what your ideas for Christmas presents for writers (or readers) are! Send us your ideas in the comments below!

About this Contributor:

Kylee Unrau is a project manager at Word Alive Press. She is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with majors in both English and Theatre. She enjoys fantasy and science fiction, horseback riding and video games, tea and coffee (most people prefer one or the other. I say, “Bring on the caffeine!”). Kylee hates Winnipeg winters and loves bonfires and camping.

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