5 Summer Chapter Books for Tweens
By Word Alive Press

A few weeks ago we shared some of our favourite children’s books for summer; Now, we’re sharing summer chapter books for tweens. These books will inspire kids to be outside enjoying nature, and also persevere in difficult situations.

Happy Summer and enjoy reading!

1. The Adventures of Long Dog D’Silvo by Lori Feldberg

Don’t call Long Dog a wiener dog — he gets very upset! Equally upsetting for the Dachshund are his too-long ears, but sometimes they come in handy — as pontoons to help him swim and for “telescoping” up or around corners to eavesdrop on troublemakers.

This underdog certainly has a nose for trouble, leading the Doggie Gang into conquering dognapping rings, thwarting jewelry heists, and saving lives, both human and animal.

The yacht dogs travelling the east coast — a St. Bernard, Chihuahua, Sealyham Terrier, and even two snobby black Newfoundlands — come to view him as their heroic leader, as do Long Dog’s people, the D’Silvo family.

Don’t forget to check out book two: The Adventures of Long Dog D’Silvo and Son

2. Penelope Henry: Camping at Blueberry Mountain by Kathleen W. Forbes

An adventure is afoot in the town of Green Oaks as eight-year-old Penelope Henry gets the best surprise of her summer: a camping trip to beautiful Blueberry Mountain. The whole family, including her mama, papa, and brother, Zinger, pack up their cart and head into the wilderness to relax, meet new lifelong friends, and learn valuable lessons that will forever change them.

But not everything about Blueberry Mountain is as peaceful as it seems. When a group of bandits start causing trouble in camp, it’s up to Penny and her friends to save the day — with the help of an irreverent leprechaun named Dinty, who only appears to children.

3. A Holly Brannigan Mystery: Scuba Hijinks by Kathleen W. Forbes

Scuba Hijinks is the second book in the Holly Brannigan Mystery series. Set on the West Coast of Canada in the Lions Bay and Porteau Bay area, the story follows the adventures of teen sleuth Holly Brannigan and her friends, Bonnie, Paul, and Ted as they team up with Holly’s father, Detective David Brannigan, to catch a gang of rouge scuba divers. Holly and her friends learn to scuba dive in order to pursue the criminals, and they bravely face challenges and dangers throughout the case. Thrust into a world of kidnapping and vandalism, the amateur detectives use their new skills and unlimited trust in each other to bring the gang to justice.

4. The Unforgiving Sea by Karen V. Robichaud

Thirteen-year-old Logan Blanchard turns his back on God when his father, a CF-18 pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces, dies in a catastrophic plane crash. After his father’s death, Logan and his mother move across the country to Shipwreck Cove, his mom’s hometown in Nova Scotia. He despises the small seaside town with its incessant wind and fog, and to his horror he finds himself the lone male in a house with six women, four of whom he considers plain crazy.

Bitter and angry, Logan begins skipping school to go lobster fishing, and has to lie to his mom and grandmother about doing it. Before long, he’s stealing other fishermen’s catches, cutting their trap lines, and befriending the most ruthless man in town. Soon Logan is lost at sea, his very life on the line — unless he can find his way back to God.

5. Chelsey’s Gift by R. D. Korvemaker

Chelsey Martin is not your average fifteen-year-old Canadian girl. Being born with a mental disability leaves her at the mercy of the bullies at school. The worst one, Logan Stewart, lives next door. Not even Chelsey’s overprotective twin can keep her safe all the time, so with the encouragement of her father, Chelsey decides to take matters into her own hands. Accompanied by a fear of climbing hills, a prayer in her back pocket, and stubborn determination, Chelsey sets out to do what is right.

Happy Reading!

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