6 Books to Read in 2016
By Word Alive Press

Feeling drained after all the Christmas festivities? Searching for some spiritual renewal for 2016? Here are some books to rejuvenate your soul and strengthen your relationship with Jesus in the New Year:

Confiteri: The Praise of a Soul, by Shauna May

This gorgeous 365-day devotional will help you maintain a strong relationship with God all year. Start each morning with one of these quick three-sentence reflections and you’ll be feeling renewed in no time!

Beginnings: Growing in Prayer through Genesis, by Marcus Verbrugge

Make 2016 the year you learn how to pray from the beginning with Marcus Verbrugge’s new book. Focusing on Genesis, Marcus slowly unpacks his own spiritual journey of renewing his understanding of prayer, and encourages you to do the same.

I Feel Insufferior: New Hope for Real Change, by Melody Metzger, MC, MTC

Insecure, insufficient, inadequate, inferior…do you feel “insufferior”? Learn how to come your low self-esteem and self-doubt and embrace the person God intends you to be with Melody Metzger’s fantastic new book!

Choose a Changed Mind, by Anita Pearce

Feel powerless in your negative thinking? Think again! Anita Pearce shows how to turn destructive thought patterns into positive, Spirit-led thinking in Choose a Changed Mind.

Jesus Was Not a Rebel, by Brent Rudoski

Want to walk in the power of God like Jesus did? Deepen your understanding of Jesus’s unconventional ways and learn how to revolutionize your walk with the Lord in this powerful book by Brent Rudoski.

About Our Father’s Business, by Frank Rempel with Martin M. Kuly

When you surrender your life to God, great things can happen. Frank Rempel’s life story is a clear testament to the impact of a spirit-led life. Let Frank’s experiences inspire you to new heights of God-led living in About Our Father’s Business.

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