A Year in Review
By Jeremy Braun

Christmas time and the approach of the new year always lead me to a place of reflection: A natural pause in the busyness of life to look back and to look ahead, to get philosophical about our place in this world, a time to review our actions and celebrate our achievements. Most of all, it is a time of thankfulness!

My reflections this year point to the constant challenge of living a purposeful life. It is my belief that that we are meant to have a purpose in life that is worthy of intense effort. It is through diligence—the step by step, not the leaps and bounds—that challenges in life must yield to. This sense of purpose and diligence is seen daily by us at Word Alive Press and we feel privileged to engage with Canadian authors as they fulfill their calling and dreams!

In the world of publishing, we see the impact of skillful communication, of imaginative ideas in stories. We see influences on culture, changes in paradigms and challenges in purpose. We don’t have to look far to see that writers embody this sense of purpose and we want to pause to celebrate these achievements with you!

We are very thankful for the hundreds of authors that we have worked with over the past several years. We feel honored by those of you who have entrusted your stories to us. We celebrate the audaciousness and daring of those of you who have stepped out, we encourage those on the fence to begin this worthwhile journey today.

May God inspire you to keep sharing the messages He has put on your heart with others in 2016. Happy New Year from all of us at Word Alive Press!

About this Contributor:

Jeremy Braun is the president and founder of Word Alive Press. He has been in the publishing and book distribution industry for almost twenty years. Jeremy lives in Manitoba with his wife and three kids.

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