An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Braun Book Awards

For over twenty years it has been our privilege to seek out new manuscripts and support Canadian Christian talent. Two winning manuscripts (one fiction and one non-fiction) will each receive a publishing contract that includes editing, publishing, marketing, and distribution into the Canadian market and beyond.

We are once again accepting submissions, and we would encourage you to take the plunge and enter. Need some convincing? Here are fifteen reasons to stop what you’re doing and dust off your manuscript—including some comments from previous Braun Book Award, Free Publishing Contest, and Women’s Journey of Faith winners.

1. It’s free!

There is no entry fee required. We are honoured to be trusted with each entry, so we do not impose a review fee or any other hidden charge for you to participate.

“Word Alive Press, this gift of God’s great mercy leaves me breathless. Wow! After years of writing from a place of flat-out obedience and trust, He’s getting my story done His way. Thank you.” —Hedy Wiebe, 2019 Non-Fiction Winner for There’s a Place Deep inside Called Courage

2. Completing a manuscript is a huge accomplishment

If you have a finished manuscript, you have likely put countless hours, days, weeks, (maybe even years,) into research, writing, honing, and polishing. Now that everything is ready, don’t let all of that hard work sit and collect dust! It only takes five minutes to enter, so why not give yourself the opportunity to see your words go further than you ever could have imagined.

“I began working on Chasing the Wind about twenty years ago. Winning the Word Alive Press 2010 Free Publishing Contest [gave] me the chance to see the results of that two-decade-long journey in print and [share] the insights I’ve gained from Ecclesiastes with a wider audience.” —Robert White, 2010 Non-Fiction Winner for Chasing the Wind

“The written word is a powerful form of expression, but crafting a book takes perseverance and there are many times I’ve nearly given up writing. I am delighted that After Miigaadiwin will now have the opportunity to touch lives even as it has touched mine.” —Anna Raddon, 2017 Fiction Winner for After Miigaadiwin

3. Canadian writers have a unique perspective in the world

In an age of an increasingly global market, it’s important to celebrate the scribes within our borders. We are proud to be Canadian, and honoured to help promote the offerings of authors above the forty-second parallel.

“It was appealing to have the opportunity to work with a Canadian company. I believe Canadians have a unique voice to share with the world and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Word Alive Press!” —Holly C. Wyse, 2012 Fiction Winner for The Restoration of Emma Carmichael

“Thank you Word Alive Press for giving me the chance to share my work with the world.” —Erin E.M. Hatton, 2014 Fiction Winner for Across the Deep

4. Your message will be spread

Publishing your manuscript provides an opportunity to share the message or story that God has laid on your heart with others.

“Not only am I grateful that my manuscript was selected as the winner, I am deeply honoured. That this story, my story, of the overwhelming goodness of God in the midst of unimaginable horror, could be shared with a global audience is the highest honour I could show to those still persecuted around the world today. Thank you, Word Alive Press, for making this possible!” —Chris Karuhije, 2017 Non-Fiction Winner for We Were Royal Refugees

“I'm so thrilled to be selected as the Fiction winner and to see this historical novel finally come to light. Our work to support the persecuted church around the world must continue.”—Patrick Bell, 2018 Fiction Winner for In His Majesty’s Secret Service

“I am honoured and humbled to win and join past recipients of the Word Alive Press and Women’s Journey of Faith Contests over the last fourteen years. Our family feels privileged to share our story publicly in hopes it provides both insight and encouragement to people caregiving and/or coping with mental illness themselves.” —Melody Leclair, 2018 WJOF Winner for When Lightning Strikes Twice

5. An opportunity to break into the industry

Traditional publishing houses try to minimize their financial risk, so it is difficult for new authors to break into the industry. Our call for submissions provides an opportunity for all, regardless of whether or not you have a platform.

“There are a lot of talented authors out there with amazing manuscripts just waiting to be noticed, and I am very honoured to have been chosen from among them.” —Karen Beintema, 2015 Fiction Winner for Retribution

6. Dreams do come true

Every year winning authors have their dreams fulfilled.

“The Word Alive Press publishing contest is helping make dreams come true. If you have a call or desire to write, enter the contest.” —Steven Stoffelsen, 2016 Non-Fiction Winner for Trusting God’s Timing

“I had told God all I wanted was to honour Him in my writing. I didn’t expect a Christian publisher would think my work worthy of an award. Overcome with emotion, I started to cry…joyful tears…as my publishing journey began.” —Bonnie Brooks, 2013 Non-Fiction Winner for Pierced in the Heart

“My initial reaction was shock and disbelief. Then, as the news of the win sunk in, I felt absolutely elated!” — Darlene Martens, 2018 Non-Fiction Winner for Amazing Grace, Abounding Love

7. Every reward has risk attached

It can be intimidating to put yourself out there and potentially face disappointment. But when we are faithful with our giftings (1 Peter 4:10), it’s amazing what God can do!

“No author is a stranger to disappointment and rejection. So often, it seems God’s plans for our stories do not include publication. We’re tempted to quit. Then, often when we least expect it, He surprises us in ways He could not have done had we given up. I’m so honoured and grateful to Word Alive Press for this opportunity. It confirms my favourite Bible verse, ‘The Lord will accomplish what concerns me’ (Psalm 138:8).” —Terrie Todd, Fiction 2022 Winner for Lilly’s Promise

“Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone and dared to fly, I would never have experienced this wonderful opportunity.” —Ruth Waring, 2016 Fiction Winner for Harvest of Lies

8. Editing process hones your skills

Winning authors will have an opportunity to work with a professional editor.

“This means so much to me… I feel greatly blessed to have won the contest under the non-fiction category. [This] has definitely motivated me to keep pressing for that next level!” —Ron Mahler, 2015 Non-Fiction Winner for Radical Apprentices

“I was in a torpor of work-induced screen-fatigue when I received the call. It took some persistence to convince me that I had, in fact, actually won something! I am thankful beyond words, and look forward to working with the Word Alive Press team to ensure that Identity in Exodus is worthy of this honour.” —Nikki White, 2020 Non-Fiction Winner for Identity in Exodus

9. Your book could change lives

You never know the impact that your story could have on readers; on others, who may have experienced something similar, and are just waiting for someone to be the voice of their struggle.

“I am humbled and grateful to have help putting this message into the hands, heads, and hearts of those who need hope in hard times.” —Stephanie Morales Beaulieu, 2022 Non-Fiction Winner for Anything but Ordinary

“My heart is dancing with joy and full of gratitude for the opportunity to share this story of God’s redeeming grace through an unimaginable life-altering event. I am praying that God uses this story to shine His light for those who may be facing dark times.” —Cyndi Desjardins Wilkens, 2017 WJOF Winner for Shine On

“This book has been a part of my heart for several years now and so it is such an incredible honour to have been chosen as this year’s Women’s Journey of Faith contest winner. I pray that as we dig deep into this messy and uncomfortable subject of pregnancy loss, we will find ourselves embraced by the God who heals, redeems, and restores even our most broken of days.” —Elizabeth Mannegren, 2019 Women’s Journey of Faith Publishing Contest Winner for Embrace

“I was overjoyed to learn that my novel Though I Walk had been selected as the winner of the 2020 Braun Book Award for fiction. Having lived with this story for so many years, I am thrilled to be given this opportunity now to share it with others. I hope that it brings much glory to God and touches many with a deep sense of his love for us.” —Dale Harris, 2020 Fiction Winner for Though I Walk

10. You could inspire the next generation of writers

Many of us can name authors who have inspired us in life, in faith, and even helped stir up the desire to write in our own lives. Imagine if you could be that person for a future generation of writers!

“I have a vivid memory of being nine years old, and walking up and down the aisles of our local library, running my hands across the spines of books and thinking, All these people have been published. It can be done. I can do this. Now, never mind how many years later, that hope has become a reality. My deepest gratitude goes to Word Alive Press for the opportunity to write my story and actually see it in print, the incredibly thrilling fulfillment of a life-long dream.” —Sara Davison, 2010 Fiction Winner for The Watcher

11. You could grow your audience

We are all called to share the gospel, but perhaps you have been called to think bigger than your current circle. Getting your story published could be the first step in doing just that!

“I've had some amazing doors open in direct relation to connections because of the book.” —Bobbi Junior, 2014 Non-Fiction Winner for The Reluctant Caregiver

“When my son Ben died of leukemia, it was hard to imagine that God could produce anything good from such a devastating loss. I couldn’t imagine how He would bring life from death. But thanks to Word Alive Press, He has! God has used the professional team at Word Alive Press to encourage and lead me through the process of publishing my journey, affording me an incredible opportunity to ‘let it ripple’ to the ends of the earth!” —Lisa Elliott, 2011 Non-Fiction Winner for The Ben Ripple

“When I conceived of my book, I envisioned it as a tool to draw unbelievers to Christ. As I wrote, the question was never far from my mind, How will my manuscript ever find its way into the hands of those who need to hear its message? I am so grateful to Word Alive Press for giving me this opportunity to reach out to those who desire truth. Their guidance and assistance in preparing the book for publication has been first-rate.” —Michael Mendler, 2012 Non-Fiction Winner for Concerning God

12. We will provide free feedback

All entrants are eligible for free feedback from the judges. We’re happy to share what you did well, and what could be improved. You will have an opportunity to request the feedback when you submit your entry. Or, by emailing your contact in future.

“It is a great experience to be a part of something like this. Winning is great—but the experience of entering and having someone else read your manuscript can be a stepping stone to better writing and exposure of your work.” —Sharon Dow, 2013 Fiction Winner for Huldah

13. We can also provide you with an editing sample

If you are submitting your manuscript anyway, why not take the opportunity to request a free editing sample? One of our professional editors would be happy to edit 3-4 pages of your work, to give you a glimpse into the types of recommendations we would make to further improve your writing. This can be requested when you enter or any time after.

14. There are other prizes

A select number of secondary winners will also receive prizes, including credit towards publishing.

15. You could be our winner!

One winning manuscript will receive a royalty-based book publishing contract! Imagine your manuscript, polished up with editing, wrapped in a dynamic cover, and off to meet readers on bookstore shelves!

“This beautifully designed little volume is both a delight and treasure. Word Alive Press, thank you for this gift.” —Kathleen Gibson, Non-Fiction 2009 Winner for Practice by Practice

“I am thrilled and honored to have my novel selected for this award. I am looking forward to working with the Word Alive Press team to bring Scars to publication, and greatly appreciate their professionalism and commitment to ensuring quality Christian writing.” —Kevin Dautremont, 2019 Fiction Winner for Scars


Would you like more information? Contact us to request additional details. We would be thrilled to see an entry from you!

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