Author Spotlight: Cy Mersereau
By Cy Mersereau

Cy (Cyril) is a native of New Brunswick. His early years were spent on the family farm near the quaint village of Fredericton Junction. He was converted to Christ at a Leighton Ford Crusade in 1963, and following graduation from high school, he furthered his studies at New Brunswick Bible Institute and Canadian Bible College in Regina. Cy is an avid reader who enjoys all things theological and historical. He has pastored churches in Saskatchewan, North Dakota, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Cy Mersereau recently moved to Truro, Nova Scotia. Since he isn’t familiar with computers, God has blessed him with two assistants, both of whom live in the Truro area. Elisabeth Owen worked with him for four years, and then left for Bible school training. Bonnie Carter has been his assistant since August 2012. Elisabeth is currently taking a break from her studies and has helped with proofreading.

An Interview with Cy Mersereau

Scripture in Translation is the first of three books Cy Mersereau has in the works right now, and it’s the first to hit book stores! We sat down with Cy to find out where he got his passion for theology

WAP: How did you begin writing?
CM: I began writing six years ago with no intention of publishing anything. Mr. Chris Durling, owner of a Christian bookstore, encouraged me to enter the Word Alive Press Free Publishing Contest. Incredibly, my book was shortlisted in non-fiction, which was encouraging.

WAP: Why did you choose to write about the different English Bible translations?
CM: I’m convinced that we have too many translations at present. Some of them are poorly done and only further complicate the problem. Some translators inject their theology into the text, which is not honest translating. A profit motive is here as well.

WAP: You have now written three books. Do you have one that is your personal favorite?
CM: I believe the first book on translations is my best written, and certainly the most intense and technical. My favorite, though, is Our Greatest Treasure. I love the Old Testament and I love to look at the proof that the Old Testament is a trustworthy document.

WAP: Are there controversial issues in your writings?
CM: All three of my books deal with controversial issues, but Odyssey of Grace is fully loaded with such.

WAP: What are some of the factors that have had an influence on your writing style?
CM: I read widely, which gives me access to so many wonderful writers from whom I can learn. Perhaps the one person who has had the greatest influence on me is Irene Wilson, who I met in Bible school too many years ago to remember. I could never emulate her giftedness in writing, but she has given me something of excellence to strive for in the process. I’m also indebted to Robert Hawkes, one of my high school teachers, who instilled in me the art of creative writing.

WAP: Does writing come easily to you?
CM: Yes and no. Sometimes I can write effortlessly for hours on end; other times, the words elude me. I often do my best writing at night. Sometimes I’ll get up at 3:00 a.m. and put together some material I had struggled with for several days.

WAP: Do you have any advice for new writers?

  • A writer should be passionate about his or her subject.
  • Writing can be made more inviting if it’s injected with good illustrations and timely humour. My debut book is heavy in history, which can soon become mundane to the reader. I found a way to weave humour into the text to make the read more enjoyable.
  • Never cease trying to improve your writing skills.
  • Be prepared for criticism and learn from it. All criticism, negative or positive, can be constructive.
  • Don’t get discouraged with early disappointments. Don’t give up and don’t give in.
  • Immerse yourself in the writings of others and learn from them.
  • Seek honest evaluations of your writings from friends and relatives.
  • Sometimes it’s okay to just take a step back from your work.
  • Keep feelings of anger out of your material. We may disagree with a person or movement, but handling such in writing must be done in a sensitive and respectful manner.

In a way, I fell into writing quite by accident, and solely by God’s grace. I’m collecting some material for another book about some of the subjects touched upon in The Scripture in Translation, but that book is well down the road.

It has been a blessing to write about the most marvelous piece of literature to fall into human hands: the Bible. The translation issue is so relevant to our time. I see my book as an extension of ministry.

* * *

Cy has multiple upcoming events. Please watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for details:

May 1 to May 4: Conference New Brunswick Bible Institute in Victoria Corner, NB
May 10: Book signing at Coles Bookstore—Truro Mall
May 30: Booth at Campobello Is. Consolidated School, NB until 3pm
May 31: Booth at Jocie’s Porch (local coffee shop) Campobello, NB
June 1: Speaking at North Road Baptist Church—10:30 am
June 1: Speaking at Wilson’s Beach Baptist Church—6pm

He has two books in the works—Odyssey of Grace: The New Testament in Review and Our Greatest Treasure. The Scripture in Translation is now available through Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, and wherever fine Christian books are sold.

If you are interested in entering the Word Alive Press Free Publishing Contest, please visit our contest page.

About this Contributor:

Cy (Cyril) Mersereau just published his first book, Scripture in Translation, and has two more books coming out this year, as well as plans for many more. He has pastored churches in Saskatchewan, North Dakota, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and is an avid reader with an appreciation for theology and history.

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