Author Spotlight: Joey DeCristoforo

We are pleased to introduce Joey DeCristoforo. Joey recently published Romy's Zoo with us, which is now available for pre-order through the Word Alive Press Bookstore, and everywhere fine Christian books are sold. We asked Joey to share a little bit about his writing, and new book. But first, a little bit about him.


Joey DeCristoforo is a storyteller from Essa, Ontario, Canada, where he shares his life with his wife and two children. Born and raised in the quaint town of Kettleby, Ontario, Joey cherishes his upbringing alongside his parents and younger siblings. The highlight of their days was the eagerly awaited family dinners, where discussions on religion, music, and art would extend into the late hours.

Joey DeCristoforo

Joey’s profound love for music was kindled by his father, who introduced him to iconic bands like Led Zeppelin. By the age of 10, his fascination with the guitar became an obsession, driving him to further immerse himself in the world of music. At the age of 19, Joey and his bandmates were thrilled to receive a record contract offer from an Indie label, signaling the possibility of launching their music careers. However, the band’s contrasting visions emerged, leading to their unfortunate breakup.

Joey moved on to a career as a plumbing contractor, as well as a cross-connection control specialist and inspector. While nurturing his professional endeavors, he was inspired by his wife’s ability to transform her passion as a dancer and choreographer into a fulfilling career. It was his daughter’s love for stories that sparked Joey’s love of creating something meaningful for his family. Driven by his desire to entertain his daughter, Joey crafted a humorous bedtime story, Romy’s Zoo, and his story soon became a cherished part of their nightly routine. Encouraged by his wife’s support, Joey reached out to publishing companies, hoping to share his heartfelt book with others. He hopes this story will bring laughter to everyone that reads it.


Q: What inspired you to write this book?
A: My daughter Liv and her wonderful persistence in asking me to make up a bedtime story. Romy’s Zoo was first created for her.

Q: We understand that this was based on a real-life situation. Was your daughter's room really that bad? What has been her reaction to you publishing this story?
A: Yes, one particular night putting my daughter to bed, we had a discussion about her room being a zoo. I told her it needed to be cleaned in the morning before school. So when my daughter asked me that night to tell her a bedtime story the plot was set before she even got under the covers.

My daughter has been watching the process of the creation of Romy’s Zoo. She is amazed; she is witnessing in real-time at a young age that you can dream up something and make it come to life.

Q: How long have you been writing and storytelling?
A: I’ve written poetry for years. Storytelling I’ve expressed through my music my whole life. I’ve been telling a story with every note I play; it doesn’t always need words. I want my music to be just the right amount of predictable and unpredictable, so it is easy to follow, but not boring, stable, but interesting just like a story with pictures or life. My faith in our Lord I keep as the stable part of my life. My loving wife and children are the fun and unpredictable adventure of life.

Q: What was the greatest joy in the publishing process?
A: Sharing the experience with my family who have been very supportive. Watching it grow from an idea into a storybook with wonderful illustrations created by Gabe Kong. I greatly appreciated the guidance and hard work that Word Alive Press put into making this book a reality. I look forward to it soon becoming a story that more families will enjoy.

Q: Do you have any other books in the works?
A: I have told many more stories since Romy’s Zoo and I feel there will be another creation I would like to see become a book.

Q: What would be one piece of advice you would give to other writers?
A: It is difficult for me to offer advice to other writers when I feel I still have so much to learn. I have had my own experiences, like many in the arts. Insecurities can sometimes get the best of us. Trust in yourself and your faith. If you are always putting the best version of yourself into your work, in return the world will give you the best version of itself.


Children of all ages will be delighted by this entertaining story. Order your copy of Romy's Zoo today!

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