Author Spotlight: John Telman
By John Telman

John Telman is the author of Making the Connection: Discovering Who God Really Is, Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been a pastor since 1980 when he graduated from Bible college. For the first twenty-five years of his ministry, John served as a worship pastor in various locations in Canada, the United States, and Singapore. John plays piano, trumpet, and guitar. In 1982, he married his wife, Carole. They have one son, Jeremy, who is married to Lindsay. John has been the senior pastor of Abundant Life Church in Cranbrook, B.C. since 2009. He enjoys watching hockey and football, as well as playing racquetball. He has earned Bachelor degrees in music and theology, as well as a Master of Arts in Christian studies.

John has also published another book, God’s Riches and My Two Cents’ Worth. It was self-published and includes many stories of his years in ministry and the lessons he learned as a result.

Interview with John Telman

WAP: What inspired you to write Making the Connection?
JT: When God called me to change ministries and serve as a senior pastor, he told me to preach, teach, and write about him. This book is part of my being obedient to that direction.

WAP: What is your hope for the book?
JT: My hope is that reading this book will cause people to pursue close relationships with God.

WAP: May readers contact you regarding anything they read in the book?
JT: I would be pleased to talk to anyone as a result of reading the book. I can be reached through my website,

WAP: How long did it take to write the book?
JT: Making the Connection was written over a seven-year period. The book took so many years because I waited for inspiration to take place rather than rushing the process and forcing myself to write when I didn’t feel the calling. I think the book turned out better as I waited for God to speak on these subjects.

WAP: What inspires you to write?
JT: Some years ago, I prayed that God would help me be aware of what surrounds me and how that shows his glory. He answered my prayer and I now often notice how God is glorified in both the obvious and the less-than-obvious.

WAP: Do you have any help with your writing?
JT: My wife is quite strong in grammar and thought, so she helps me a lot with my writing. I respect her opinions, so I have her vet my work.

WAP: Do you have any other books in the works?
JT: Yes! I am currently co-writing a book that presents the answers God offers to help us in our troubles. The title is The Book of Easy Answers and we expect it to be completed sometime in 2015.

WAP: Do you have any advice for budding authors?
JT: To anyone who writes or desires to write, I would encourage them to humbly ask for a trusted friend to read their material in order to have an extra set of eyes for polishing any work.

John Telman will be holding signings and events related to Making the Connection. Please watch his website, for event details, or contact John to book a speaking event at your community group or church. John also posts regular articles on his site about worship, as well as excerpts of his wife Carol’s ebook and Bible outlines for self-study.

About this Contributor:

John W. Telman was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but as a worship pastor for 20 plus years, he has also served in the United States and Singapore. He has an earned Master’s degree in Christian Studies from Providence Seminary. His ministry has changed from primarily worship to that of a Senior Pastor. He has been married to Carole since 1982 and they have one son; Jeremy.

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