Author Spotlight: Kevin Drudge
By Kevin Drudge

We are pleased to introduce Kevin Drudge, who has recently published the children’s books Michael’s Ice Cream Surprise and Imagine, Michael!. Both of these titles are now available for pre-order through the Word Alive Press Bookstore, and everywhere fine Christian books are sold. We asked Kevin to share a little bit about his writing, and new books. But first, a little bit about him.


Kevin Drudge is excited to be publishing children’s books for the first time. He has served as a pastor in several settings, currently at Covenant Mennonite Church in Winkler, Manitoba, where he lives with is family. He also enjoys woodworking and has been employed in the cabinet-making industry in various capacities from production to management.
Kevin loves making music, playing several instruments, including cello and piano, as well as singing. During the summer, he and his family enjoy tending a large vegetable garden.
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Q: How did you get involved in writing stories for children?
A: My story-writing began as oral story-telling. When I was a boy, my mom and I would tell each other impromptu stories when I was needing something to do. Years later, when my own children got old enough to enjoy stories, I began telling them about a little boy named Johnny Jiggles. I would sit at their bedside and take them on all kinds of adventures with Johnny. They adored these stories, and I loved making them up on the spot.

Q: How did this turn into written stories?
A: Many years ago, as I was preparing to lead a worship service, I decided to write a story for the children about a character named Michael. Michael was much like Johnny, except that his life more distinctly included church, Sunday school, and learning biblical lessons from everyday life.
Initially I only intended to write that single story, but some weeks later there was a Michael sequel, and then another. All together I’ve written close to two dozen stories.
A special feature of the first few stories was that my youngest daughter illustrated them with crayons. In later stories, I took care of the illustrations myself.

Q: How did you progress from Sunday morning stories to published books?
A: Much like my own children with Johnny Jiggles, the children at church really liked my Michael stories. The adults were also delighted, because amidst each humorous and creative story there is always a simple and relevant biblical lesson.
Many church members enthusiastically affirmed the stories and began suggesting that I get them published, believing they could make a unique contribution to the Christian children’s book market. One suggestion was to contact Word Alive Press, which I did. And here we are!

Q: Do you have a clear goal or purpose when you write these stories?
A: Yes, I do. My goal is to invite children into an imaginary world with Michael, whom they can relate to. He lives in a home with parents and siblings, goes to school, has friends down the street, and loves fun adventures. He gets bored sometimes, does things that are foolish, and teases his sister.
More to the point, Michael’s family is Christian and involved in church. The stories always show a progression from his adventures, both fun and foolish, to some kind of learning that relates to biblical faith. So the goal is to teach children about the Bible through the eyes of a child’s experiences.

About this Contributor:

Kevin Drudge has served as a pastor in several settings, currently at Covenant Mennonite Church in Winkler, Manitoba, where he lives with is family.

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