Author Spotlight: L. D. Stauth
By L. D. Stauth

L. D. Stauth grew up in Windsor, Ontario, the eldest of five children. As a young girl, she had a poem published in a book called Windsor’s Budding Poets, published for Canada’s one hundredth birthday. But alas, English was never a favourite subject in school—her writing was either too flowery or not flowery enough. Therefore, she went on to college to become a medical laboratory technologist and married Gary in her internship year. When children came along, she put that career on hold and thoroughly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom.

Writing was sporadic during the raising of her four children, and not until the birth of her first grandchild did she pick up the pen again—or more accurately, tap the keyboard. She won a writing contest, sponsored through God Uses Ink (now known as The Word Guild), for novice writers. That inspired her to pour out her heart in words which always seemed to come easier than speaking them.

L. D. has had articles published in The Fellowship Baptist Link and Beyond Ordinary Living. She co-wrote a quarterly church newsletter called Aside and had a poem published in Mark Cullen’s gardening column in The Toronto Star titled “Why I Love My Garden.” She thrives on creating handmade personal books that are filled with touching stories or silly, outrageous poetry, often involving animals, for her grandchildren and friends.

Camping, birdwatching, laughing, and good mystery novels are among L. D.’s passions. Combine those elements, and voila, her first novel, called Stormy Lake, came to life. She later received an honourable mention through Word Alive Press’s Free Publishing Content for the third novel in her romantic suspense series, called Indescribable Lake Huron. This inspired L. D. to take her first leap into publication.

Currently, L. D. is employed part-time in the Microbiology Lab at Stratford General Hospital and serves as her church librarian, which has great perks—she gets to be the first to read all the latest novels. Every spare moment, she is either reading, camping, or creating her next mystery, Laugh in the Woods Turns Deadly.

L. D.’s favourite song is “How Can I Keep from Singing His Praise?” and her greatest desire is to show God’s love to everyone she meets.

Questions and Answers

Q: Was your novel based on an actual campground?

A: Yes. It takes place in a Northern Ontario provincial park.

Q: Is your interest in nature a hobby or something you studied?

A: Because I love God’s creation, I learn all I can about it.

Q: Are your characters based on real people?

A: All of my characters are purely fictional.

Q: Why do you love to write?

A: Writing accomplishes many things for me. It allows me to express my deepest beliefs in a non-threatening and entertaining way. It also releases my creativity and brings me joy.

Q: Do you have plans for your next book?

A: There are already two sequels written, and I am currently working on another novel.

About this Contributor:

The desire of L. D. Stauth’s heart is to encourage readers through the written word. An avid camper, she continually marvels at God’s creation revealed in nature. Her husband, four children, and eight grandchildren bring her much joy, and sometimes fodder for her stories. A medical lab technologist by profession, L. D. has been writing for many years. She has published both poetry and articles. The three novels in her Campground Series are filled with laughter, romance, suspense, and most importantly the love and truth about Jesus Christ. Check out the first novel of the series, Stormy Lake and purchase your copy here.

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