Author Spotlight: Landen Dorsch
By Landen Dorsch

Rev. Landen Dorsch began his first ministry assignment in 1996 in a small church called Gospel Chapel in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. He served as an assistant pastor overseeing worship and youth ministry. After a healthy and vibrant season of ministry at Gospel Chapel, he and his family embarked upon their second ministry assignment at Eagles Nest Ranch, nestled in the Cypress Hills south of Medicine Hat, Alberta.

As executive director, Landen led a team of one hundred staff at the summer camp for at-risk kids and teens. During their summer camping season, Landen and his team used dynamic worship and creative themes and activities to draw youth into a saving knowledge of Jesus. Over the course of his time at Eagles Nest, Landen saw thousands of kids and teens impacted with the gospel.
When his season ended at Eagles Nest Ranch, Landen and his family returned to the Edmonton area, where he grew up, to pastor Gateway Family Church in Leduc. He continues to lead that church.

Landen has the heart of a worshipper. He is an insightful, anointed communicator and a gifted worship leader with a passion to see God’s family enter into His presence. At the core of his ministry, Landen models empowerment and pursues the facilitation of the destiny of those he leads. With a message of hope, Landen challenges and encourages the body of Christ to enter into the fullness of what God’s kingdom has to offer.

Landen and his wife Cathy have four children—Alyssa, Tyler, Amy-Lynn, and Jenna. As a family, they are all committed to see God’s kingdom advance through themselves and those they lead. He and his family love to laugh and enjoy being in Christ-centred community.

Upcoming Events

  • Speaking at The Stirring, January 5–7. Fresno, California
  • Speaking at Gateway Premarital Preparation Conference, February 10–11. Gateway Family Church (
  • Hosting Randy Clark Revival School, May 12–16. Gateway Family Church (
  • Speaking at marriage retreat, October 20–22. Jasper, Alberta.

Questions and Answers

Q: What inspired you to write Renovated for Glory?

A: Renovated for Glory was written in response to a vision the Lord gave me in 2012. I saw an ancient Greek structure with pillars and the Lord said, “There are ancient pillars that hold up an open heaven… go find them.” This led me toward Romans 12:2, where Paul encourages us to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. The Lord then showed me six pillars of thought from the six elementary doctrines found in Hebrews 6:1–2, doctrines which are meant to be godly strongholds for the renewed mind.

Q: Why did you choose the title Renovated for Glory?

A: Renewal, in the original language, means to renovate. So we can renovate our minds in order to live glorified lives.

Q: What is your hope for readers of your book?

A: My hope is that readers would be encouraged and equipped to engage a renewed mind so they can represent the kingdom of heaven well to the world. Too many believers are trapped in negative strongholds of thought that prevent the fullness of God from being manifested through their lives. *

Q: Do you have a favourite part of Renovated for Glory?

A: My favourite part of the book is a short couple of paragraphs entitled “God in the Lobby.”

Q: How would you describe your experience with Word Alive Press?

A: Word Alive Press has made publishing an amazing experience. They have been professional, courteous, encouraging, and very supportive. Each person I have been in contact with from the editing process through to the final printing has been so helpful while operating in a spirit of excellence. Their support was vital to being able to publish well and on time. They took the mystery out of the process with clear communication and met all of their deadlines. I am proud to have been associated with Word Alive and hope to do more with them in the future.

Q: What is your process in writing a book?

A: This was my first book, so the process was and is still a little up in the air. What I found worked for me was to do the front-end planning of the book thoroughly at first. I used a program to help me organize my thoughts. From there, I itemized my key points and thoughts for each chapter and went from there.

I think every communicator has their own system of getting things done. I tried the one-hour-a-day approach. It didn’t work. Sometimes it took the whole hour to get inspired… and then nothing happened. I tried blocking time during the day, but work schedules, appointments, meetings, and family events got in the way. However, when I got the time, I was able to get quite a bit done.
That’s when I discovered writing retreats. I would schedule a day or two a month to write alone. With retreats, I was able to get a lot finished and didn’t feel like the book was hanging over me the rest of the time. I would know when the next retreat was coming and could jot down notes and ideas as they came to me.

Q: Was it hard or easy to write your book?

A: Frankly, both. There were times when the text simply flowed and before I knew it I had written 5,000 words. Other times I felt like it was a battle to get a sentence done. Having a few days of frustration doesn’t mean that you’re not cut out for writing. At the same time, a few days of a natural flow doesn’t mean you’re on your way to a bestseller. Both are normal. Some chapters felt like they wrote themselves, and other chapters required more study and work than I care to remember!

Q: What was the most satisfying part of writing?

A: I am a communicator, so I always feel the pressure to pay attention to the time. Preaching for me is an act of worship. Often there is so much more I would like to say on a subject while I’m preaching, but the constraints of time require me to pick and choose. Writing is like preaching without a time limit. You can say all the things the Lord lays on your heart, allowing you to explore every rabbit trail you wish. The reader is free to take a break any time, even to fall asleep, which doesn’t bother me as much if it would if they were listening to me preach!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to write a book?

A: It is a process. Don’t be ashamed or frustrated with the length of time it may take. In that time, you will discover your own “how.” I don’t think there’s a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to writing. Like art, each author has their own expression and way of getting their expression on the canvas.

I would suggest that you allow your writing to be an act of worship. Regardless of genre or purpose, your writing has the potential to be unique. Colossians 3:17 tells us to do all things unto the Lord with thanksgiving. The anointing to communicate through written words is multiplied when done in the posture of worship. Simply be thankful for the desire and opportunity to write before the Lord. It will affect both the content and excellence of your expression.

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Facebook: Landen Dorsch
Twitter: @pastalandy

About this Contributor:

Pastor Landen (also known as P.L.) and Cathy Dorsch joined Gateway Family Church in Leduc, AB, Canada, as senior pastors in June 2008. Their passion is to see people reached for Christ, equipped for effectiveness, and released into their destinies. Landen is an insightful and anointed communicator, and a gifted worship leader. He is passionate about training leaders to set the world on fire for Jesus. P.L. loves sports, especially football, and is an avid fan of hamburgers. Landen and Cathy have four children, Alyssa, Tyler, Amy-Lynn, and Jenna.

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