Author Spotlight: Lorie Hartshorn

We are pleased to introduce Lorie Hartshorn. Lorie recently published Found with us, which is now available for pre-order through the Word Alive Press Bookstore. We asked Lorie to share a little bit about her new book and the important subject of identity. But first, a little bit about her.


Lorie Hartshorn loves Jesus, her family, and the local church. Lorie is an international speaker, author, pastor, and TV Host. Her primary passion is to make Jesus known. She loves to see people grow in faith and experience spiritual freedom.

Lorie Hartshorn

Lorie worked for twenty-one years in the field of education, both as a teacher and director of development. She was the director of advancement for EQUIP Leadership Canada, founded by Dr. John C. Maxwell, training leaders worldwide. Lorie is a Co-host of the 700 Club Canada TV Show and she also served as the pastor of adult ministries at Sanctus Church. She has a master’s degree in theological studies from Tyndale Seminary, where she received a Distinguished Alumni award in 2022 for the impact of her work nationally. Her teaching can be found on The 700 Club Canada, 100 Huntley Street, Right Now Media, and Sanctus Church.

Sunshine, books, cottage, food, and conversation bring her joy! Lorie’s Bible study, Finding Freedom, brings hope to many as a wake-up call to the reality of spiritual warfare and the power of prayer.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Found?
A: I wrote this book to empower the body of Christ to step into their identity, live out their God-given purpose, and provide hope for those seeking deeper meaning in their life. In Found, you’ll encounter stories of people who have found their identity and purpose. When you surrender yourself to the One who made you and knows everything about you—our loving God, expressed in the person of Jesus—the natural result is discovering your true identity and purpose. I believe it’s the only way to live fully alive.

Q: What led you to write a book about identity?
A: The topic of identity is a personal one because I have experienced several identity crises. I share my story and the story of others living powerless lives due to not knowing who they are. Like me, every person can discover the power of their identity and start living a life of purpose and meaning. To know what it means to be an image bearer of God in this world and to take hold of the power available to us in Christ. Jesus came to restore all that was lost in the garden so we could find ourselves once again. What was lost in the garden is found in Jesus! We don’t have to live defeated by sin or the power of Satan because of Jesus. You don’t have to wait until heaven to experience the truth and power of your true identity. Our broken world is desperate to see followers of Jesus living victorious lives so they, too, will find their true selves and all that God has for them.

Q: What are the main misconceptions about identity?
A: Our world is in a chaotic time where people are looking for answers to the question of Identity. Identity is how you define yourself. Who am I and what is the purpose of my life continue to be the questions of identity. Daily in the media, we see stories of people defining themselves by their status, stuff, gender, sexuality, or politics. There’s a worldwide identity crisis with no ground for people to stand on. We are defining ourselves by things that are temporary at best. Even those who identify as Christians, or followers of Jesus, have lost their sense of identity. We don’t know who we are as children of God and followers of Christ. Perhaps you struggle with sin or thoughts that defeat you and feel there is no way out. This kind of living is a travesty both for Christians and for a watching world. If being a Christian is just a ticket to heaven, this leaves us powerless and missing out on all God has for us. This is why Jesus came. To show us who we are and to provide us with everything we need to live in our true identity and purpose. I believe that we find our identity and purpose when we take hold of all that is available to us from Jesus.

Q: What makes this an important topic right now?
A: We’re all trying to find ourselves, to discover who we are. Identity relates to our self-image, self-esteem, and individuality. It is, in essence, how we see or define ourselves. Political movements all over the world leverage identity for power and recognition. Do you identify with the left or the right? Protests, court cases, media messages, and social media feeds are fueled by people’s passion and activism over identity issues. Gender fluidity has raised the question, can you choose your gender? Identity pronouns have become a way to define your sexuality and how you relate to the world. Identity is a keyword in our culture as people from every walk of life look for answers to the questions of who we are. We look to our families first, whether it’s biological or adoptive. We look at geography. We look to our status, our poverty or wealth, and who our friends are. We look to our talents and skills. Or perhaps we look to our history, both the good and bad. What we’ve done and things done to us affect how we view ourselves. All these factors have become identity markers and critical conversations in our time. People are desperate for answers to their identity.

Q: What do you want readers to take away from your book?
A: There are two key things:

  1. Your Identity is FOUND in Jesus. He restored what was lost in the garden and showed you who you are to be. All that is available to Jesus is available to you in this life.
  2. God designed you to be his Image-bearer and reflect Him in this world. This is what it means to be human.

The message of Found will transform your life. When you take hold of the truth of who you are and all that is available, you will find the life you always dreamed of and change how you live. God is not holding out on you; you don’t have to wait until heaven to experience power and purpose. Everything available to Jesus is available to you right now. You just need to take hold of it and live like you believe it.

Q: How can readers get the most out of this book?
A: Included with the purchase of the book is an accompanying Video Series with a Reflection Guide to take you on a deeper journey of discovery and learning. It includes an 8-session Video Teaching Series with an accompanying Reflection Guide for individuals or groups.

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