Author Spotlight: Ruth Coghill
By Ruth Coghill

We are pleased to introduce Ruth Coghill, the author of the WOW Series. Ruth’s latest book, Woman of Wisdom is now available for order through your local Christian bookstore. We asked Ruth, to share some information about herself and her latest book!

A former teacher and sales executive, I am an international speaker, author and founder of Words To Inspire—Lifelong Empowerment From God’s Word. This ministry exists to provide resources to strengthen each person’s faith through the empowerment of God’s Word.

For several years, I hosted a radio show which aired in Ontario and the Maritimes. Many broadcasts are posted on my website and air on HopeStream radio each Sunday.

I have travelled globally to share my love for God and His Word, ministering in Haiti, India, Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, China and Ukraine. Words To Inspire has an ongoing presence in Nepal, where Nepali women leaders teach my material.

Presently, I am writing the fourth book in the WOW series which encompasses Woman of Worth: Lifelong Empowerment From Psalm 139, Woman of the Word: A Memorizing Scripture Experience, Woman of Wisdom: Threads of Covenant Woven Throughout the Pages of Ruth and Woman of Worship: A Walk through the Old Testament Tabernacle and on to New Testament Jesus. Each study is four lessons for the time-constrained woman. The first in the series, Woman of Worth, has an accompanying teaching DVD and has been translated into three languages—Spanish, Nepalese and Mandarin.

I am married to my husband, Bob, and together we have four adult children, ten grandchildren and another on the way. I enjoy skiing, skating, Pickleball and travelling with Bob to other countries sharing in ministry.

Why do I write? It is a calling.

I’ve been a speaker for over thirty-five years and a writer for twelve. Speaking came naturally whereas writing has been a huge challenge and a discipline.

I recall an experience in Edmonton at a Leading Women Conference in 2006. I didn’t want to be there since a brand new grandson arrived into the world just as I packed my bags and prepared to leave.

I arrived at the event, feeling guilty and longing to be with my daughter.

I walked down to the meeting room and sat down at a table. A writing pad and pen lay there.

I picked up the pen and wrote, “Should I write, should I write, should I write?” Surprised by the words I’d written—where did these thoughts come from—this was not a writer’s conference. While debating my sanity, I sensed a strong desire to write my life story. On the last day, I met Wendy Nelles. In a divine encounter, she asked me to come and sit with her and tell me what was going on. After I briefly shared my recent thoughts, she directed me to the Guelph Bible Conference where a couple months later, I experienced my first writer’s retreat.

Although I wanted to write about the humour of my journey, again I sensed that strong pull to write about my paternal history of mental illness and my personal depression, which led to my resignation from teaching public school.

The day after returning, I drove to Ottawa to be with my growing family and hold our new grandson, Benjamin. I cried most of the way as titles to fifteen chapters to this new book surfaced during the eight-hour drive.

I desire to encourage others who have walked this silent journey, to provide practical inspiration—a Christian’s response to mental illness.


Q: What motivated you to write the four book WOW series?
It all started with a with four-point message for a women’s event in Centre Wellington in 2001—I’m a Woman of Worth, I’m a Woman of the Word, I’m a Woman of Wisdom, I’m a Woman of Worship.

Q: What have you learned while writing this series?
I have learned to start with what I have and expand on it. Create from what is ‘in your hand.’

Q: Why are the four books only four lessons each?
I have taught from God’s Word for over three decades and discovered changes along the way. In our busy culture, women feel very time-constrained and challenged to commit to long periods of time. I can say, “Give me a month of Mondays and you can learn Psalm 8 collectively with two or three others.”

My purpose is to present deep truths of Scripture in a simple, yet contemporary style.

What advice would I give new authors/writers?

  • Join a writer’s group. Shortly after my decision to write, I met Sara Davison who invited me to be part of her group. It is a freeing experience to read to others what you have penned and then listen and learn from each person’s insights. It’s helpful to have more experienced writers who will challenge you to improve every piece.
  • Write and speak about the things that make you pound the table and weep. Although tempted to write about all my fun experiences, people connect when they enter into your world of pain and challenge, openness and vulnerability. Keep it real and focused on the reader.
  • Someone said that writing is an act of worship. Coming before God with a humble spirit, knowing that He is the One that equips and empowers us for the call He has put in our hearts.

Upcoming Fall 2018 Speaking events:

  • October 12 and 13, 2018, I will be presenting a Memorizing Scripture Workshop at the Muskoka Bible Centre.
  • October 25-27, 2018, I will be presenting a Spiritual Formation Workshop at the Women Together Leadership Forum at the Guelph Conference Centre in Guelph, Ontatrio,
  • November 1-16, 2018, I will be traveling with a team to speak and develop new leaders throughout the Katmandu, Hetauda and Pokara areas in Nepal as part of Words to Inspire.
  • December 3, 2018, I will be the keynote speaker at Faith Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ontario speaking on the theme of God’s Indescribable Gift.

About this Contributor:

Ruth is an international speaker, author, and founder of Words To Inspire: Lifelong Empowerment From God’s Word, a ministry that encourages others to read, study, memorize, and apply the scriptures. Her passion has led her to develop the WOW Bible study series, four lesson guides for the time-constrained woman. Ruth is mother to four married children, nana to ten, and lives in the Kawarthas with her husband Bob.

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