Author Spotlight: Ruth Teakle

We are pleased to introduce Ruth Teakle. Ruth has written and published several devotionals with us, including Choosing Kindness, which is now available for pre-order through the Word Alive Press Bookstore, and everywhere fine Christian books are sold. We asked Ruth to share a little bit about her writing, and new book. But first, a little bit about her.


Ruth Teakle lives with her husband, Carl, in Beamsville, Ontario. She loves to spend time with her three children and their spouses and her eleven grandchildren. Although retired, Ruth serves as a support staff member at Lakemount Worship Centre in Grimsby, Ontario, where she previously served on full-time and part-time staff for eighteen years. Her roles varied from overseeing small groups and missions to prayer and pastoral care. As well, she has led and assisted with numerous short-term missions to the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, South America, northern Ontario, and Quebec.

On the home front, Ruth and Carl have fostered over 130 children during a twenty-five-year period. Ruth has worked within the Correctional Services of Canada, led numerous summer camp programs through both Girls Guides of Canada and the Salvation Army, directed an annual city-wide Christmas toy program, and filmed a national training course for telephone prayer partners.

Ruth’s academic pursuits have included studies at Lakeshore Teachers’ College, Brock University (Bachelor of Arts), and Wagner University (Master of Practical Ministries). She has completed ESL studies, is a Certified Anger Management Specialist and Trauma Healing Facilitator. Prior to taking additional Religious Studies courses with Global University and Masters College in preparation for ordained ministry, Ruth enjoyed a successful thirty-two-year career as an elementary school teacher.

Ruth’s heart is to see people become passionate followers of Christ. She has a strong sense of mission to help people build healthy connections with God and others and walk in the fullness of their destinies.

Her challenging but victorious personal journey is the underpinning for her choice of Biblical characters whose stories are unpacked alongside her own in her devotionals. As well, she has invited the unique contribution of friends who have travelled with her, pursuing dreams of their own.


Q: What led you to write on these related topics?
A: Writing all four devotional has occurred during the pandemic. It seemed to me early on that these topics would be most helpful during this unprecedented time. I began with Pursuing Patience and almost immediately felt the need to include Pursuing Peace. Many people were asking for prayer in these two areas and the feedback from using the devotionals is that they have been very encouraging. The moments with God and the prayers included in Choosing Love and Choosing Kindness have reportedly been helpful in addressing weariness and frustration and in gaining a perspective beyond ‘oneself’.

Q: Your ‘Company of Friends’ is very unique. How did this come about?
A: One of my joys in life is to i) see others step out in their giftings and ii) encourage people to share their stories to bring glory to God. I felt it was a great opportunity to provide platform for releasing these narratives. All of the writers featured are significant women in my personal journey. They may have spoken into my life in the way of coaching or mentoring, been a co-worker on a ministry team, been someone I consider a daughter in the faith, have been a student I have taught or a congregant I have pastored, or they are an extended and beloved family member. We have unique relationships, some for over 40 years, some for less than a year, but each one has a beautiful walk with God and a story of His faithfulness.

Q: Is there anything that prepared you for branching out into this new pathway at this season of life?
A: Writing has been a great way to record some of my personal journey that may bring hope and courage to others. I think life was too busy to try it earlier and I never really saw myself as a writer. As I look back, I believe God provided a few practice runs--short-term assignments, like writing a few magazine articles, some Christian curriculum for students and a training course for telephone prayer partners. Having taught school for over thirty years probably made the ability to organize thoughts and information a bit easier!

Q: Do you have any advice you would offer to new writers?
A: I think I’m about as new as it gets but I can share my very simple process. What worked for me was to make a list of stories or testimonies I would want to include. Then I  prayed about them to narrow the list and become focused. It was important to me that what I was saying would contain something that would land in the readers’ hearts that connected them to the eternal--a phrase, a prayer, a Bible verse or a struggle that would connect with them personally and in so doing would strengthen their connection with God. As the material came together, I shared a few chapters with some trusted friends for honest, early feedback. That was really helpful! I read sections aloud and tested my own spiritual response. Lastly, I looked for a great publisher, and since I was writing Christian material, I needed to find one with editors who understood the faith journey. Their edits are so much more meaningful and more readily trusted. Word Alive has been a perfect fit!

Q: Do you have any future writing dreams?
A: I have a few friends who are upcoming authors--I plan to give some time to encourage them in practical ways whenever possible. I am on pause with the fruit of the Spirit series for a bit--some spontaneous trips to the lake, catching up with family, and managing my annual colossal tomato harvest continue!

About this Contributor:

Ruth Teakle lives with her husband Carl in Beamsville, ON. Her life is a diverse weave of grandparenting, teaching, pastoring, writing, praying and loving. Ruth has served for 20 years in full and part time pastoral ministry. Ruth will try anything that involves good competition and she has a voracious appetite for learning. Her unique and challenging life experiences with God and family are the bedrock of her Fruit of the Spirit 30 day devotionals.

Visit her website, here.

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