Author Spotlight: Sam Rowland
By Sam Rowland

We are pleased to introduce Sam Rowland. Sam has recently published On the Edge of Incredible with us, which is now available for pre-order through the Word Alive Press Bookstore, and everywhere fine Christian books are sold. We asked Sam to share a little bit about his writing, and new book. But first, a little bit about him.


Sam Rowland is a Canadian author, speaker, and singer who has communicated face to face with hundreds of thousands of people around the world through presentations at high schools, colleges, prisons, and citywide events. Whether through his live engagements, audio and video recordings, or his debut book, Ten People, Sam inspires people and helps them to laugh more freely, love more deeply, and discover fresh hope for themselves and others. Sam’s newest book, On the Edge of Incredible promises to be a revolutionary reimagining of your life and your unique future.
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Q: Sam, your new book is called, On the Edge of Incredible. What does it actually mean for someone to be “on the edge of incredible”? Is this opportunity only available to a very few gifted or exceptionally lucky people?
A: One reader put it so eloquently when he said, “On the Edge of Incredible is based on the premise—and the promise—that no matter where you are, where you come from, or how broken you feel your life is, you are on the verge of something incredible.” It’s about breakthroughs. It is not just for a few “gifted” or “lucky” people. It is for courageous people.
Q: Your book has a very engaging subtitle: Finding Your Promised Land When the Odds Seem Stacked Against You. Tell us what that subtitle means and how our listeners (or readers) can personally benefit from connecting with it.
A: There is a promised land for each of us, but the odds of finding it are stacked against most people unless they are willing to trade steps of fear for steps of faith. In the book, I share many real-life examples of how to move past the edge and into the very centre of incredible. The reader has the opportunity to travel into new spaces that grant fresh access to more freedom, more joy, and more life than they have ever experienced before.
Q: Can you share a quick story from the book that our audience will find meaningful?
A: I’d just arrived at the wild and captivating African savanna that Jacob and Wilma Schoeman call home. The Schoemans had served the Lord and their community on the outskirts of Outjo, Namibia for decades. Equal parts Paul the Apostle and Indiana Jones, it wasn’t unheard of for Jacob to pray for someone one minute and shoot the business end off of a poisonous snake that came too close the next. “Dear Lord, thank You so much for this beautiful day and these wonderful people. Please help us to (boom!) have a blessed time as we serve You together here in our little corner of the world.” Both Jacob and Wilma were among the strongest and most capable people my wife and I had ever met. That’s partly why Rita and I have been forever impacted by the conversation Wilma was about to have with us… (People will have to read the book to get the rest of the story).
Q: Why do people need to read this book, and what difference will it make in their lives?
A: Let’s be honest with ourselves and with each other right now: we are all struggling in one way or another these days. On the Edge of Incredible will help people to discover beautiful new insights and opportunities that are hiding behind a thin facade of fear.
Q: Sam, you reveal some pretty vulnerable stories about your personal life in the book. Why did you choose to be so transparent?
A: Because of social media, we often end up comparing the very best of someone else’s life with the very worst of our own lives. No wonder we get discouraged and depressed. I wanted to share openly about some of my own failures so that I could also speak about finding new hope, fresh forgiveness, and a healthy path forward. That is worth the risk to me.
Q: If our readers could get one important life-changing insight from your new book, what might it be?
A: The answers you’re looking for, the freedom you’re longing for, and even the relationships you were made for, are all much closer than you might realize.

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Sam Rowland is a Canadian author, speaker, and singer. Sam inspires people and helps them to laugh more freely, love more deeply, and discover fresh hope for themselves and others.

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