Author Spotlight: Sarah Brandt
By Sarah Brandt

Sarah Brandt is a wife and homeschooling mom to three daughters. Her passion for writing, fused with her message of identity, has opened doors for her to minister to women through her blog and various other writing projects.

Sarah aspires to live out her countercultural message of rest and identity as a daughter of God. Her desire to share what God has done in her life inspired her to begin writing in her uniquely vulnerable style, both on her blog and in her manuscript. Her life challenges, mixed with the freedom she has found in Jesus, pours out in her writing in what she calls an offering.

Before Sarah began writing, she founded and chaired Baby Blessings, an organization that bridged the gap between mothers and their ability to provide for their children. She is professionally trained in the educational field, working alongside children with special needs and learning disabilities.

Now Sarah can be found on Wednesday evenings doing what she calls the important work, volunteering at her home church’s Kids Club, writing lessons, and teaching.

She resides with her family in Niverville, Manitoba and her manuscript, Blossom Like Eden, was shortlisted in Word Alive Press’s and Women’s Journey of Faith’s publishing contest. Blossom Like Eden is set to launch in March 2020. Watch for upcoming projects on her blog at


Q: What does the title of your book, Blossom Like Eden, mean?
A: The phrase “blossom like Eden” is found in a passage from Isaiah. In Isaiah 51:3, God paints the picture of a redeemed Israel, proclaiming that one day it will blossom like Eden again.
Within the Bible, God often shares the image of a garden to represent how He brings redemption to that which looks old and useless. Blossom Like Eden is a call for God’s promise to bring life into the hidden places of our human selves, rising us up into our authentic identity as His children. From that stable standing, we bloom.

Q: Why did you choose to weave your own personal story throughout Blossom Like Eden?
A: My story, as vulnerable as it is to share, is where I find the fingerprints of my Father on my life. In our release of the hard stories, the ones we hold on to with all our might for fear of being seen or looked at differently, our Father God’s power can seep in and redeem us. We all have a hard story. I offer my story as a travelling tool for the reader to experience God’s fullness for themselves.

Q: What is the countercultural message of identity and rest you speak of as God’s daughter?
A: The world tells us to make our mark and find significance. God says He is the mark. This is where we often get confused, weaving what the world falsely teaches with what God is trying to offer us in Him. You are a member of His divine family, and within that placement all earth-led requirements fade away. That is my life of rest and security in my identity as God’s daughter. My belonging is found in Him as my Father. He dresses me in royal robes, and in my release to Him He is making me more like Him every day.

Q: If you had to describe it in one paragraph, what is the message of Blossom Like Eden?
A: The book follows my journey to uncover the fullness of life Paul talks about in Ephesians, unveiling eight free gifts that change everything. It’s a shift from striving to relational faith, a dramatic opposition to the way we chase esteem and recognition in the Christian sphere. The word “fullness” means complete, lacking nothing, yet we find ourselves feeling empty and unsure how to bridge the gap between our Father God and our heart. In intimacy, He offers to tend to us like a garden. He knows exactly what we need to bloom. From His fullness, He offers us new clothing and a place inside His family. Unfortunately, human after human lingers in the dull, barren desert of identity, trapped in misconceptions of what Christianity is supposed to look and feel like. Blossom Like Eden presents each gift and allows the reader an application section with journaling questions and a prayer to receive the gifts for themselves.

Q: How would you describe your writing style?
A: If I had to choose one word, it would be vulnerable. I believe that in order to write well and impact the reader with enough proof for them to believe you, it takes some pain. If my writing doesn’t evoke emotion within myself, how can it stir my reader? There is power when one person lets go of human perception and releases their stories so others can feel like they aren’t alone in this fight called life.

Q: What is your writing process?
A: I am always stirred to write by inspiration. If God and I have been working through something together and I find victory, I know it’s time to write. If I want to process what I’ve learned, I write. If I’ve studied a topic, I find myself with an unquenchable need to write it out so I can share it with anyone who will read it.
I have a special spot in my house where I do all my writing. I have my favourite things on top of my desk: crafts my girls have made me, prophetic words that have been spoken into my life, and scripture art that reminds me of my identity as God’s daughter. Then I pray for the words that flow from my heart to align with what God desires for my reader.

Q: If you could say one thing to a new writer, what would it be?
A: I would tell them to write from their deep place, that space inside that is intimate between you and the Father, the special space you share where He tells you how much He loves you and how He looks at you. When you write within that placement, the doubt and negative self-talk fades away.
If you have a pull to write, there is something inside that God wants to partner with you to share with the world. Stay in your deep place. Drown out the noise from the surface and sit in the quiet with your Father. Pour your heart out over the pages and into something beautiful for Him.

Watch an interview with Sarah, here.

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Sarah Brandt is a wife and a homeschooling mom to three daughters. Her passion for writing, fused with her message of identity, has opened doors for her to minister to women through her blog and various other writing projects.

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