Author Spotlight: Steve Bradley
By Steve Bradley

Steve Bradley is a radio co-host, speaker, pastor, author, father, and husband. Shortly after Steve got married, he studied at Canada Christian College in Toronto, Ontario to become a pastor. He then served three churches in Ontario, positioned in student ministries over the span of eleven years.

In April 2017, Steve started working at Ontario’s Christian Superstation, LIFE 100.3 FM. He is the co-host of the Get-Up and Go Show which airs weekday mornings to roughly sixty-five thousand listeners a week. This position gives him multiple opportunities to invest in the local and broader Christian community.

For example, in 2018 Steve spoke at forty-two different events. He spoke mostly to teenagers at youth group retreats sharing his testimony, and also at various churches and seminars. He’s always a ball of energy on stage, sharing the amazing things Jesus has done in his life.

Steve is also the father of four children, and his bedtime storytelling skills have contributed to writing his children’s illustrated book series, The Adventures of Chase & Bolts.

He will be traveling across Central Ontario this fall, with a schedule of stops and event to come later this month. You can visit for more information on the book.


Q: Your story is quick and to the point!
A: Yes, it is. It’s for all the dads out there doing story time with their kids. My boys will always grab the longest story possible, which makes me feel groggy when I still have stuff to do around the house. So this book, in my humble opinion, checks all the boxes for dads. It’s short, fun and covers the faith component!

Q: Is The Adventures of Chase & Bolts going to be a series of books?
A: My plan is to write three or four books for the series, but if there is a demand for more then by all means I will write as long as kids want to read the series.

Q: Why did you write the first book in the series, The Code?
A: I wanted to create something that included adventure and faith for my boys. It seemed to me that there was a hole in that market, so I wanted to see if I could help fill it.

Q: When is your most creative time to write?
A: Always when I’m in bed. I have to keep a pad and paper on my bedside table, because all my ideas come in the middle of the night, which can give my editor fits trying to figure out what I wrote.

Q: Do you prefer the pen or keyboard?
A: Pen. I write better then I type, but now that Apple has created the pencil for iPad I can have the best of both worlds! Seriously, if you love to write give it a try. They even have apps that can transcribe your handwriting to text.

Q: Do you have any advice you would offer to new a writer?
A: Don’t take the editing process personal. Editing is a part of the journey. When I handed my first rough copy to the editor, I wanted to quit after I got all the revisions. I can look back and laugh at how personal I took it. Remember, your editor is in your corner and they want to see you succeed. Creating something that is worthwhile takes a tribe.

Great books that people want to grab off the shelf don’t happen overnight. Be patient and don’t try to rush it. Remember that you’re in this for the long haul.

Also, use social media to your advantage. The world is a lot smaller because of it. From a business standpoint, social media can help you move your book.

Speaking of business, you have to have skin in the game. This is your book! Don’t wait for something magical to happen that will make it sell. Go out and make it happen. Put some dollars into advertising. Put some miles on the car talking with bookstores and schools. Get networking. Get yourself out there. As hard as it might be at first, just keep going. It will get easier.

You can pre-order The Adventures of Chase & Bolts, Book One: The Code by clicking here.

About this Contributor:

Steve Bradley is the co-host of the Get Up & Go Show on LIFE 100.3, a Christian radio station broadcasting out of Barrie, Ontario. Prior to signing on with the show, Steve served as a youth pastor for eleven years. Steve married his high school sweetheart and they have four amazing kids.

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