Author Spotlight: Susan Reimer
By Susan Reimer

We are pleased to introduce Susan Reimer. Susan has recently published her Forged in Flames trilogy with us, which is now available for order through the Word Alive Press Bookstore, and everywhere fine Christian books are sold. We asked Susan to share a little bit about her writing, and new book. But first, a little bit about her.


Susan Reimer was born and raised in Shillington, Ontario. She attended Cambrian College in Sudbury earning a diploma in Journalism before moving to Calgary. That move was followed by moves to Petawawa, Ontario, Chilliwack, BC and Edmonton, AB before returning to live in the North. Reimer became a born-again believer at a young age and is active in her church. She has worked as a special needs’ facilitator with children and young adults, as a program coordinator of senior’s services and as a reporter and editor of a local newspaper. Reimer’s young adult series,Forged in Flameswas published in 2020 by Word Alive Press. In addition to writing, she enjoys kayaking and spending time with her family.


Q: Who are your books written for?
A: My books are primarily written for the Christian young adult audience although they are suitable for all ages.
Q:What was your inspiration for the series?
A:The series was inspired by a desire to tell the stories of people who are facing challenges in life and how they find purpose, courage and hope through faith.
Q:What themes do your books contain?
A:The_Forged in Flames_series are stories of young people facing great challenges in their lives. They find that faith in God provides them with the strength they need to not just survive but to grow, learn and succeed. Themes include God’s faithfulness, redemption, the importance of friendship and family and that each person was made for a specific purpose.
Q:Describe your writing process.
A:I write in the morning for several hours. I generally set word count goals and try to reach them before leaving my desk for the day. I treat writing as any other job with a set time of day and place to write.
Q:Who are some of your favourite authors?
A:C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien come to mind.
Q:How important are editing and critique partners?
A:I think they are vital. Critique partners and beta readers are a good first step to get some other eyes on your writing. A professional editor is invaluable.

Advice to new authors

I would advise any new author to take writing as seriously as any other job. Develop the discipline of showing up to write at the same time every day. Read widely, not just in the genre you write in, although that is important. Read poetry, classics, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, history. Our vocabulary expands with reading. The great writers have many lessons to teach and we just have to read their works to begin to learn. Set goals and reward yourself for meeting them. Find mentors, in person and online, who challenge and inspire you. Find a local writer’s group and become involved. Be generous with your time, wise with your words and cautious with advice. Write what you are passionate about, not what the current market demands. There is no fulfillment in faking it. Readers see right through it and your soul will wither. Some things stir you for a reason. Write about those things. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t read reviews and don’t use your writing as a weapon.

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About this Contributor:

Susan Reimer was born and raised in Northern Ontario where she currently makes her home. She has worked with the special needs’ community and senior citizens as well as a reporter and editor of a local newspaper. Reimer is active in her local church and seeks to show the value of faith, family and friendship in her writing. Her series, Forged in Flames, was published by Word Alive Press in 2020.

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