Author Spotlight: Todd & Sherry Stahl
By Todd & Sherry Stahl

Todd is a certified firefighter serving the municipality of Leamington, Ontario for nearly eleven years. He put his artistic aspirations aside for more than twenty years while playing a major role in his family’s lighting business. Five years ago, Todd decided to rededicate himself to art, and recently he wrote and published a men’s devotional, 40 Days in the Man Cave. This past year, Todd completed a series of illustrations for two new children’s books. He is also a contributing writer for Stand Firm Magazine, from LifeWay Publications.

Sherry is a dynamic speaker who travels throughout North America at events for women. She’s a passionate Bible teacher whose desire is to inspire others to study God’s amazing Word, so they can see how much God loves them and learn of all the great plans He has for their lives! Word Alive Press has published a second edition of her book, Water in the Desert: 40 Devotions to Hydrate Your Spirit. This devotional contains a study guide for deeper refreshing either individually or in groups. Sherry’s second book, Soul H2O, will be released under the Word Alive banner later this year. The forty devotions in this book have been selected from her weekly Soul H2O devotion blog posts.

Todd and Sherry have enjoyed the process of publishing their books with the Word Alive family. They are also excited to hear feedback regarding their website, www.takethe40daychallenge. The Stahl’s newly launched site dares challengers to sign up and receive daily encouraging emails as they commit to reading through their books for ten minutes each day for forty days. They have partnered with Graf-Martin Marketing to promote both their books and the forty-day campaign.

Along with a fresh new look to their individual websites and the challenge website, Todd and Sherry truly understand and appreciate the effort and time involved in building a brand. When the couple isn’t working at writing and art, they enjoy riding their Harley along the roads near Lake Erie or spending time with their four recently adult kids in the Greater Toronto Area.

Upcoming Book Signings and Events
June 8—Radio interview (Todd): Rock 98.5, Yorkton, SK.
June 8—Librarian night at Inspired Christian Storehouse: Windsor, ON.
June 9—Radio interview (Sherry): Rock 98.5, Yorkton, SK.
June 10—Television interview (Todd): 100 Huntley Street, aired twice that day.
July 31—Book signing/art exhibit/speaking (Todd and Sherry): Friday Night Live, Heritage Christian Bookstore, St. Catherines, ON.

WAP: 40 Days in the Man Cave is quite a unique title. What is the book all about?
Todd: It’s no secret guys love their caves! Numerous times in the Bible, Jesus needed to find a quiet place to think and pray. Guys need that time, too. We can be inundated with tasks, jobs, and other activities. Man Cave offers forty unique, thought-provoking devotions about the importance of finding your cave, and making time with God a priority in your everyday life.

WAP: Sherry, can your book, Water in the Desert, really help quench your thirst?
Sherry: Absolutely! The book is full of biblical examples of how God provides water in the desert. The book guides you on a journey through scripture and self-discovery that will lead you to victory! While traveling the desert road, you can reach your destination refreshed and rehydrated, ready to let those streams of living water flow out of you!

WAP: What is the 40-Day Challenge?
Todd and Sherry: It’s a program we created to help encourage people to make daily devotions a consistent part of their lives. We set out to make the Challenge interesting and not just another task to be completed. All you need is ten minutes per day… to change your life!

WAP: Who can take the Challenge?
Todd and Sherry: Individuals and churches can. The website contains campaign toolboxes for churches, with everything needed to run the program.

WAP: Why are you both so passionate about people taking their own 40 Day Challenge?
Todd and Sherry: Taking time for daily devotions has been the stabilizing force during hard times for both of us. We want to help others experience the strength we’ve gained in committing to daily Bible reading and time with God. Recently, we saw a report by LifeWay Research on Bible engagement. We were surprised to see that only eleven percent of churchgoers read the Bible daily. That statistic compels us! Our goal for the Challenge is to increase that number drastically.

WAP: What advice would you offer to new writers?
Todd and Sherry: We won’t all write as eloquently as Max Lucado, so own your writing style. Be yourself and let the uniqueness God created you with shine through! Always be willing to perfect your skills, but write in the style God gifted you. Stick to your passion. It will show! People will see what you’re excited about and know your heart. Dream big, no matter what age you are!

Learn more about how you can Take the 40 Day Challenge at!

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Todd Stahl is an Author, Artist and Firefighter. Sherry Stahl is an Author, Speaker and Blogger. Together they have formed a dynamic duo, partnering both personally and professionally!
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