Authors Gain Visibility with New Merger
By Word Alive Press

Word Alive Inc. Merges with Major U.S. Distributor to create a North American Distribution Hub

Over the past 12 months, Word Alive Inc. (our distributor) has been strategizing with Anchor Distributors, a U.S. based company, to enhance the way Christian products are distributed throughout North America. On June 1st, 2016, the two distributors will combine to create a new partnership. This will provide long-term stability in the supply chain for Canadian retailers, online sellers, and churches in our great country.

What this means for Word Alive Press Authors:

Word Alive Press titles have always been distributed in Canada by Word Alive Inc. This new North American strategy will directly benefit our Canadian authors as their books will now be stocked and available to the U.S. market, as well as Canada. If you are an author who has published a book with Word Alive Press, you know we are described as a ‘hybrid publisher.’ We help Canadian authors release the best version of their writing possible, while also partnering with retailers to market, sell, and distribute their books widely. Word Alive Press has now taken another huge step forward, solidifying itself as the only Canadian Christian publisher with distribution that stretches across North America.

Word Alive Press is a separate company and is not part of the Anchor purchase. We remain a Canadian-owned publishing company, proudly serving the Christian book market in Canada and abroad. Our vision has always been to find and develop a base of Canadian authors who, through their stories and God-given talents, will teach, equip, entertain, influence, and ultimately extend the impact of the Kingdom of God in Canada. We are excited about this vision and now see an even brighter future for our authors to influence people beyond our borders.

Read more about our new partner, Anchor Distributors here

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