Back-to-School Books

Fall is here! The air feels cooler, the leaves are changing colours, and kids are going back to school. In the spirit of back-to-school season, we at Word Alive Press have put together a collection of entertaining, meaningful, and beautiful books that would be a great addition to any kid’s library. Featuring five special books, every book on this list is an excellent jumping-off point for further conversations about faith, love, hope, and all the other things that truly matter in life.

Wise for Salvation: Meaningful Devotions for Families with Little Ones by Christie Thomas (ages 2-5)

Kids need a daily practice of connecting with God just like adults do. In this devotional for kids, you will explore eighty-seven Bible stories with five interactive devotions created for each week. Kids will act, dance, draw, imagine, memorize, and sing their way to a better relationship with God and a knowledge of His Word. This devotional will help kids to see that connecting with God can be fun and inspiring, and will teach kids how to be more reflective about Scripture and their own decisions. 

 An Amazing Story by Mary Beth Bozanin (ages 3-5)

Benjamin is left behind from a fishing trip because he is too little. Zaide assures him he is never too little to help God. One special day, Jesus shows Benjamin that Zaide was right. No one is too little to help God. In this fresh take on the story of the five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:13-21), kids will learn that the small gifts they can offer are transformed and multiplied by God.

Honk! by Elizabeth Michel (ages 5-8)

In this inspiring book, follow Fuzzby the peacock as he discovers his voice! He can’t seem to sing like the other birds. He can’t tweet, or chirp, or string together a pleasing tune. He can only honk. But through meeting someone very special, Fuzzby discovers that his praise is beautiful just the way it is. This book is great for teaching kids about their unique gifts, even if these gifts don’t fit into what they see around them. It’s sure to help kids learn that when they praise God, God smiles bigger and bigger, even if the way they praise is not like the way other people praise.

 Twice as Tight by Kendall and Tamara Schmidtke (ages 5-8)

A sparrow's nest is broken but her egg is hatching! She hurries to choose a new home for her baby, to find the best and most loving nest. What will she do when she finds the best nest? This emotional book about adoption, loss, and new life is a beautiful allegory that explores the journey of one mother who must give up her baby to a new loving nest. It’s sure to help kids gain a better understanding of the complex circumstances around adoption and the emotions that often surface when this difficult decision is made.

 Figure It Out with Eva by Susan MacLellan (ages 10-11)

Eva Beckie is a promising young figure skater pursuing a competitive path when she’s struck down by an injury that takes her off the ice. While in recovery, she is presented with a unique opportunity to spend time with her grandparents. As she meanders down memory lane together with Grandpa Mac and Grammie, Eva learns all about perseverance, courage, determination, and her faith. Aimed at older kids, this is a chapter book that teaches kids about perseverance in the face of difficulty and about meeting life where it’s at.


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