Christmas Book Buying Guide
By Word Alive Press

Whether you’re ticking names off your gift lists or searching for a book to get you (or your kids) in the holiday mood, Christmas books can help make the season that much brighter. We’ve rounded up a list of our favourite Word Alive Press Christmas books. From the quirky to the inspirational, there’s something for everyone on this year’s Christmas Book list! Books are available via Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, the Great Canadian Authors website, and wherever fine Christian books are sold.

Children’s Books

Beneath That Star, by Sally Meadows

$12.99; 978-1-4866-1029-7

A young girl with a physical disability who longs to be a shepherdess: this may not be your average Christmas story. Sally Meadows’s Biblically-based reimagining of the night of Jesus’s birth will empower children to follow the path God has laid out for them and be the best they can be. Cuddle up on the couch with your kiddies and a few cups of cocoa and enjoy this heartwarming Christmas tale with Sally’s Christmas album, Red and White, playing softly in the background. What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Chester the Runaway Sock, by Dennis Ostapyk

$16.99; 978-1-4866-0962-8

Christmas trees…Christmas stockings…Christmas escape adventures? When Chester, one half of a pair of colourfully striped Christmas socks, gets loose one December, there’s no telling where he’ll end up! The unexpected ending will surprise and delight children. Slip this book into a colourfully wrapped box, throw in a few special Christmas socks in your child’s size (if you’re feeling really crafty, try knitting a pair!), and they’ll never look at socks the same way again!

Mr. Nobody’s Christmas Treasury, by Diane Welch

$19.99; 978-1-4866-0572-9

Mr. Nobody is back in this special collection of Christmas stories! A powerful Christmas Pageant, twinkling Christmas lights, a day playing in the snow, decorating around our little yellow house, and receiving a special treasured gift—it’s all here in Mr. Nobody’s Christmas Treasury!

Inspiration for Adults

Ornament, by Robert W. Jones

$16.99; 978-1-4866-0995-6

No Christmas collection would be complete without this gorgeous hardcover gift book. Don’t wait until December 25 to enjoy this reflection on the faith, hope, and joy of Kristen Fersovitch—a talented singer who was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 28 years old and caring for her three sons, all under the age of 4.

Each chapter features an ornament from the Fersovitch family Christmas tree and an insight into Kristen’s relationship with God, which was characterized by faith in the face of adversity, joy in spite of circumstances, and hope that was rock solid. There is a practical application at the end of each chapter to help you grow in your own faith.

By the end of Ornament, you’ll be ready to take on the holidays with new perspective and a strengthened faith in Christ: the reason for the season.

The Joys of Christmas, by Gisela A. Riedel Nolte

$13.99; 978-1-77069-956-4

The Joys of Christmas is a story of all stories, yet it doesn’t present itself in story form. Rather, it’s like a small encyclopedia, designed to help its readers truly understand and embrace the joyful celebration of Christmas. Stay grounded and keep Christ-focused this season with this helpful and educational guidebook.

Season’s Blessings for You, by Grace K. Chik

$12.99; 978-1-77069-082-0

This collection of stories does more than just wish the recipient a ‘Merry Christmas’. Each story is meant to encourage the reader to be a blessing to others—especially to those who are in need—not only during Christmas, but all year around.

Mother of the Most High, by Deborah E. Kaye

$15.99; 978-1-4866-09543

They may have been the foster parents of God’s only son, but Mary and Joseph were also ordinary people. They had no special training; they were not wealthy; but they were willing and obedient to the call of God on their lives. Take a step back in time and walk the path that Jesus’ parents did in Mother of the Most High.

Not Quite Christmas, No Less Enjoyable

Looking for a book that is Christ-focused without being Christmas-focused? Try these…

Retribution, by Karen Beintema

$16.99; 978-1-4866-1074-7

A book for historical fiction lovers, Jane Austen fans, or anyone who’s tired of books that end with a happily-ever-after marriage ceremony will jump at this Regency-era Christian novel with a twist. Revenge, mistaken identity, betrayal, infectious faith, true love…a must-have for bibliophiles everywhere! Pre-order your copy today and have it shipped straight from our warehouses when it rolls off the press on December 8.

Radical Apprentices, by Ron Mahler

$15.99; 978-1-4866-1079-2

The delightfully verbose ministry leader Ron Mahler is back with a book designed for Christians searching to rediscover the crackling, Christ-focused passion that made the pioneers of the early Church so radical in their faith. How can believers today express their commitment to Jesus in a way that is relevant and alluring? Find out in Radical Apprentices—releasing December 12!

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die, by Marianne Jones

Abused. Abandoned. Addicted. Alone.

As a child, Linda Stewardson suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her stepfather. After a particularly vicious attack, Linda was left for dead only to be revived in the hospital. Betrayed by the adults who should have protected her, she turned to life on the streets.

Linda believed she had no value, until a life-changing encounter with Christ gave her a reason for living.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die shows that there is no pain too great or darkness too deep for God’s love to transform.

We hope you like our Christmas book selection. What’s on your Christmas list this holiday season? Tell us about your favourite Christmas books in the comments section!

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