Devotionals to Start Your Day
By Sylvia St.Cyr

A great way to start off the day is by chatting with our Maker. The One who made us and loves us. I know that I have a routine to my morning time with God that includes journaling, reading the Bible and a non-fiction inspirational book. If you have read the whole Bible, or maybe don’t know where to start reading it, a devotional is a wonderful way to get into the swing of things.

Here at Word Alive Press, we have published a few different types of devotionals. No matter who you are; a child, teenager, adult, male, or female; we have a devotional for you.

If you are looking for a reflective devotional, then the book Confiteri by Shauna May is for you.

Confiteri is a collection of 365 daily devotions, all written within three sentences. It is a moving expression of the innermost thoughts of one believer’s journey to the fountain of God’s grace. Each nugget of praise will stretch the mind, nourish the heart, and prompt a heartfelt cry of praise to our Lord and King.

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If you are looking for a men’s devotional, then 40 Days in the Man Cave is a great read.

A man needs another man to talk to him about the deep stuff… Todd Stahl is that man, and 40 Days in the Man Cave is that straight talk. It’s clear, fair, honest, and true.

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If you are looking for a women’s devotional, Todd’s wife Sherry has written an excellent one called Soul H2O.

Quench your spiritual thirst with refreshing devotions taken from the Soul H2O blog. Throughout the short devotions, Sherry weaves relatable experiences, making biblical truths simple. Each one ends with a power-packed prayer followed by a list of scriptures to fill up your well. Kickstart the next forty days using this devotional for individual or church challenges.

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If you are looking for a devotional for your teen, Dream Big by Heather Boersma is perfect.

This 30-day devotional is your tool to discover God’s big dream for your life. Be inspired by scripture, stories, and practical advice about how to live the abundant life God has for you. Ephesians 3:20 says that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine. But how? Read more to find out!

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What about our precious children? Don’t they deserve a devotional to help them understand God a little better and better equip them with God’s love and grace? We have that too, with the devotional Wise for Salvation by Christie Thomas.

Young children can know God’s Word! As your family follows each week’s short devotionals, children will act, dance, draw, imagine, memorize, and sing their way to a better relationship with God and a knowledge of His Word.

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About this Contributor:

Sylvia St.Cyr is a Publishing Consultant at Word Alive Press. She is also a journalist and the Arts & Entertainment Coordinator for her local paper, The Citizen. She lives with her husband and two kids just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Her first book, Love vs. Fear is set to be released late fall, 2017. For more info, check out her blog.

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