Distribution Videos - How it Works
By Sylvia St.Cyr

As a writer who is interested in publishing your manuscript, getting your book into the hands of readers afterward can be a challenge. There are three main ways to distribute your book. Jen, the Manager at Word Alive Press, and Sylvia, a Publishing Consultant, have explained these methods in greater detail with a few videos.

After your book is published, a great way to get that book into readers hands is by selling your own author copies. This is covered in the first video called “Distribution 101: Part 1”. To view that video click here.

If you’ve looked into self-publishing, most of these companies will make your book available on Ingram using POD (print-on demand) technology. This allows your book to be available worldwide, which is wonderful! However, there is also a side to POD that most self-publishers will not talk about. Jen and Sylvia go into great depth about the full truth of what POD distribution means for you. To watch “Distribution 101: Part 2”, click here.

If you’ve spoken to anyone at Word Alive Press before, you may have heard the term “hybrid” publishing. That is because we are more than just a self-publishing company. We are a hybrid of self-publishing and traditional publishing. A big aspect that sets us apart from a self-publisher is the extra distribution we offer, called supply-chain distribution. To hear why that is important for you and your book, and really such a rare and unique opportunity, click here, to watch “Distribution 101: Part 3”.

If you still have looming questions about how your book will get into the hands of readers, please email us at publishing@wordalivepress.ca or call us at 1-866-967-3782. We’d love to hear all about your Christian manuscript!

About this Contributor:

Sylvia St.Cyr is a Publishing Consultant at Word Alive Press. She was also a journalist and the Arts & Entertainment Coordinator for her local newspaper, The Citizen. She lives with her husband and two kids just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her first book, Love vs. Fear was released in the fall of 2017. To purchase a copy of her book, click here. To read more from Sylvia, check out her blog.

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