Getting Away From Your "Go-To"
By Word Alive Press

If you were to pick up a crayon right now, what would you draw? A sun, a flower, a car, the ocean? We all have a go-to.

At times, it can be the same for writing. We keep in the same genre, style of voice, or topic. It’s always great to liven things up, and challenge ourselves. Get away from your go-to with this writing prompt and write something you normally wouldn’t. Let’s add some color today.

Use these 10 phrases, sentences and words in your writing:

  1. “Don’t step on the broken glass”
  2. “Drawing a blank”
  3. “key”
  4. “fly”
  5. “interaction”
  6. “declare”
  7. “block”
  8. “gasp”
  9. “hands down”
  10. “He wrote a long letter, but they didn’t read it.”

    Comment below how this helped your writing today, and how you used these phrases creatively.

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