InScribe's Fall Conference
By Ruth L. Synder

The InScribe 2015 Fall Conference is coming up (September 24-26!)—we hope you can make it out! InScribe president Ruth L. Snyder joins us on the blog to talk writing communities, conferences, and networking for authors.

WAP: Tell us a bit about the InScribe writing community. Who should be a part of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship?

RLS: InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship exists to stimulate, encourage and support Christians who write anywhere across Canada, to advance effective Christian writing, and to promote the influence of all Christians who write. Our members range from beginning to experienced writers with about 85% published. Some write full-time, some part-time. Genres include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and most sub-genres, including mysteries, romance, journalism, and instructional writing.

Janette Oke, Linda Hall, Sigmund Brouwer, and Phil Callaway all have a history with InScribe. Today InScribe members connect online through our website, listserv discussions, our private Facebook group, a monthly contest, and sharing writing on two blogs. Members also enjoy building relationships and honing their writing skills by attending our annual fall conference and local worDshops. Every year, attendees have a chance to meet the executive, and find out about volunteer opportunities that allow members to take a more active part in InScribe. Writers from across Canada can be part of the running of InScribe, keeping in touch by e-mail and through on-line conferences.

WAP: What’s in store for this year’s InScribe Fall Conference? Can you give us some highlights of what you’re looking forward to the most?

RLS: Our conference is taking place at the Sawridge Edmonton South on September 24-26 2015. Jeff Goins is presenting our pre-conference session on Thursday afternoon, discussing passion, calling, and abandoning the status quo to live a life that matters. On Thursday evening artists and authors will participate in a coffee house mixer to share their work and network.

Caleb J. Seeling, author, publisher, and director of the Certificate in Publishing at Western State Colorado University’s MFA program, will be presenting three keynote sessions as well as workshops on the changing landscape of publishing and how to write a graphic novel.

Other workshops available are:

  • Layers of Meaning: How to Build a Symbol with Deb Elkink
  • Public Speaking – A Conversation with Bobbi Junior and Deb Elkink
  • Writing Scripts for Theater with Tracy Krauss, Intro to Create Space with Bryan Norford
  • Submission 1, 2, 3 with Sheila Webster
  • Editing with Colleen Taylor
  • Poetry with Stephen Berg
  • Pas that Faux: Catch Your Mistakes Before the Editor Does with Deb Elkink
  • Using Create Space: An Author’s Journey with Bryan Norford
  • Writing Through the Senses with Deb Elkink
  • Blogging with Tracy Krauss
  • Children’s Writing with Colleen McCubbin
  • The Apostle’s Creed with Deb Elkink
  • Independent Publishing with Dale Youngman
  • Contemplative Writing with Stephen Berg.

    Authors will have the opportunity to share their publishing successes and sell their books. Anyone who is interested will also be able to receive personal, professional feedback during a blue pencil session.

    Our Friday night banquet is always a highlight. Winners of our Fall Contest are announced and the Barnabas Award is presented.

    During conference we will also be launching the paperback version of our newest anthology, 7 Essential Habits of Christian Writers, which contains fiction, poetry, and non-fiction written by twenty-eight Canadian authors who are all members of InScribe.
    To register, click here.

WAP: Why are writing conferences important for authors? What are you hoping attendees will get out of this year’s conference?

RLS: Writing conferences provide a multitude of opportunities to learn new skills, give and receive encouragement, network with other Christians in the writing arena, and publicly celebrate successes from the past year. My hope is that each attendee will be better equipped to share God’s message, whether it is with family members, friends, or a worldwide audience.

WAP: As an author yourself, what are a few things you’ve learned from past conferences?

RLS: When I attended my first writing conference, I wasn’t even sure if I was a writer. Through the encouragement and training I received at the conference I felt empowered to call myself a writer and get down to business writing to the glory of God. Since then, writing conferences have helped me hone my writing skills, build my professional network, learn about publishing opportunities, and receive professional feedback on my writing. Working on the InScribe executive and conference committee forces me to learn new skills and pass on some of the encouragement and training I’ve received.

WAP: Has the landscape of the InScribe Conference changed over the years? How? Where do you hope to see InScribe heading with future conferences?

RLS: The Central Alberta Christian Writers (as InScribe was originally called) held their first annual conference on November 8, 1980 at the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose. Since then the conference has been held in several different locations, all around central Alberta. Over the years, the conference has increased from a day and a half event to a two and a half day event. Although some workshop topics are similar (writing devotionals), present day workshops now cover topics like how to write graphic novels and how to self publish your books. My hope is that InScribe conferences will continue to meet the needs of Christian writers, equipping them to communicate and minister effectively in a hurting, needy world.

About this Contributor:

Ruth L. Snyder resides close to Glendon (the pyrogy capital of Alberta, Canada) with her husband and five children. She enjoys writing articles, devotionals, short stories, and Christian fiction. Ruth has had pieces published in Testimony, Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Upper Room, and FellowScript. Her publication credits also include three novelettes: Cecile’s Christmas Miracle, Shadows and Sunshine, and Life Lessons; a devotional booklet: Uplifting Devotionals for Parents; and two how-to books – Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps and Learn Twitter: 10 Intermediate Steps. She is a member of The Word Guild and The Christian PEN. Ruth currently serves as the President of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

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