It's a Writers' World
By The Word Guild

It is a writers’ world and there are 19,000 Christian writers and counting!

Never before have so many emails, texts, blogs, posts, and articles been produced, molding our decision making process and purchasing habits. We are motivated and driven by the constant flow of information, and are accustomed to constant email alerts and social media pings, eagerly devouring new media bytes.

In this information age, writers challenge our faith through sermons, create our news stories, inspire us daily through blogs, craft brochures, develop marketing campaigns, give life to movie scripts, inspire us with hit songs, help us dream through poetry, educate with academic papers, and remind us of our history. Although some would not call themselves writers, their words have impact and shift the way we react to life.

These writers are creating the content that drives trends and changes the direction of society. Through exponentially more avenues of influence, they are speaking into our present, and imagining the future. Where mega conglomerates once crafted and filtered the messages, now any writer can be heard. So why are our churches shrinking and the Christian voice becoming so quiet?

There are over 19,000 churches registered in Canada. If there is even one writer in each church then there should be more than 19,000 writers who are Christian. Imagine the impact if these writers came together, developed their skills and used an informed voice to engage all the stark topics of society with the mercy, understanding, and heart of our Saviour who values all of humanity.

The Word Guild works to gather these writers to have an impactful voice for Christ. This national organization holds an annual national conference, regional one-day conferences, and supports local writers’ chapters. The focus of the workshops is to encourage, equip, and empower writers and editors to help develop their craft and expand their marketing skills.

This year’s annual Write Canada conference will be held June 23 — 25 at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale in Toronto, Ontario. The conference has been re-tooled to dig even deeper into the social impact that Christian writers and editors can have within the general market. A Professional Forum takes place on Thursday, June 23 challenging leading professionals to view their vocation as an opportunity to bring credibility to Christianity through the excellence of their work. Leading Canadian editors and writers like Jonathan Kay, Peter Stockland, Lorna Dueck, and Paul and Janna Lafrance, among others, will engage on topics that provide essential leadership insights. They will discuss the importance of covering stories, those that are easy for us to do, as well as those contrary to personal values.

Workshops from June 23 — 25 are designed to engage writers at all skill levels, from beginner to professional. Keynote speaker and internationally acclaimed author Davis Bunn will challenge writers to engage culture. Attendees will learn from industry experts such as Cynthia Ruchti, Jennifer Dornbush, Tamela Hancock Murray, Dennis Hassell, Tim Beals, Brent van Staalduinen, Amber Van Schooneveld and Thomas Umstattd Jr. among many others. Each teaches essential skills that will expand capabilities in areas such as time management, article writing, scriptwriting, fiction, non-fiction, marketing, publishing, e-publishing, inspiring your writing, and much more.

Christians must be present in the conversations of our culture. To add your voice to the membership, find out more about this conference, participate in other events, or support The Word Guild, visit or call 1-800-969-9010.

About this Contributor:

The Word Guild is a growing community of more than 325 Canadian writers, editors, speakers, publishers, booksellers, librarians and other interested individuals who are Christian. From all parts of Canada and many denominational and cultural backgrounds, we affirm a common statement of faith and are united in our passion for the written word.

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