My Canada: Different
By Jennifer Willcock

When I think of Canada the word that comes to mind is Different. People think we are an extension of the United States. Not true. Living beside the Detroit border for a number of years exemplified our differences, some of them subtle
and some not.

I’ve had the pleasure of living in more than one province. Again, there are regional cultures and identities that make us different even in our own country.

At times, these differences threaten to tear us apart but they also keep us growing and changing. We are still young at 150 years old and the growing pains are evident. As any young person knows, it’s those hard journeys that lead us into knowledge, acceptance and love. I hope as Canadians we can always embrace our differences and be a shining example of how beautiful they make us to our neighbours around the world.

About this Contributor:

Jennifer Willcock lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and two boys. She believes that doing something you love, like reading a really good book, is more important than having a clean house! She writes on her blog, speaks at events when opportunities arise, and, yes, she is married to the pastor. Jennifer is the author of Whole Hope for the Broken Pastor’s Wife which you can purchase here.

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