My Canada: Family
By Alyssa Harrington

I have moved from Canada, but Canada will never move from me. I may not call it home in this moment of my life, but when asked, I proudly proclaim, “I am from Canada” or “I am Canadian.” I tell them Canada is family. They ask how many family members I have and I tell them I have many, but only two are from my mother and father, the rest became family as soon as they enter our home.

Canada allows for the free movement of international students to enter its borders. In turn, Canada has made my family extend beyond its borders. I may not call it home, but I can say my family has grown in Canada. If not for this family growth I would never have stepped more firmly into God’s plan for my life. Thank you Canada for building my family.

About this Contributor:

Alyssa Harrington was born and raised in Douglas, just outside of Fredericton. She is twenty-five years old and has obtained two degrees, a B.A. with a major in English and a Concentration in Creative Writing from Crandall University as well as an Advanced TESL Certification, followed by a B.Ed from the University of New Brunswick. She’s worked with kids for the past six years, starting with working at children’s church camps and progressing to the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. Alyssa is currently working in Korea as an English teacher at an English Academy, or as they call it, a Hagwon.

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