My Canada: Humour
By Tia Friesen

I would like to start off this post saying that I really am proud to be Canadian, and I know just how blessed I am to live in this amazing country. That being said, one of the things that I love about Canada and the Canadians who populate her (mostly around the 49th parallel, huddling together for warmth), is the fact that we really do love to laugh about our Canadianisms… We proudly flaunt the word “eh”, say sorry when people bump into us, and use the terms loonie and toonie without feeling embarrassed about the fact that the entire world is cocking their eyebrows at the terms. We are proud of the large rodent that we have chosen as a national symbol—beavers are, after all, tough and industrious little creatures. And while we know how lucky we are to have universal health care and all of the freedoms we enjoy; we regularly base our national pride on the fact that we can shovel snow in our shorts and flip-fops, our skill at hockey, or that we are the originators of poutine and Tim Hortons. Not to mention, 17 years after it first aired (whether or not you’ve ever had a sip of beer), we still remember all the words to the famous I AM CANADIAN rant and will proudly chant along with Jeff Douglas like he’s singing the national anthem. Oh Canada, how I love your humour and quiet pride. I must, after all, as I AM CANADIAN.

About this Contributor:

Tia (Scarborough) Friesen is a Project Manager with Word Alive Press. She is also an avid collector of antique books, a painter, a photographer, and a lover of all things canine. Originally from British Columbia, she now lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband and their dog.

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