My Canada is Freedom
By Ruth Waring

Canada means Freedom to me!

On July 1st my husband and I celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday at Muskoka Bible Centre in Central Ontario. We decorated our friends’ golf cart and participated in a long parade with dozens of other enthusiasts. And not for one moment did we hesitate to look the part! After all, we’re Canadians, eh! And proud of it!

With a crowd that numbered far into the hundreds, we enjoyed a picnic of hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages, a variety of salads, and a generous slice of cream-topped cake that was embossed with a maple leaf made from local strawberries. The evening ended with a Christian concert that filled the auditorium and echoed in the surrounding hills.

Throughout the day I couldn’t help but think how much God has blessed us with so much abundance: fresh air, food, friends, fellowship and the freedom to enjoy our Christian heritage without being encumbered by police and the threat of imprisonment. We have so much to be thankful for. May we never take for granted the freedom our nation provides, faithfully praying, “God keep our land glorious and free!”

About this Contributor:

Ruth Waring has authored Come Find Me —a finalist in the Canadian Christian Writing Awards (The Word Guild) in 2010, and followed with the sequel, Then Came a Hush in 2011. Her current novel, Harvest of Lies is the award-winning fiction novel for 2016 with Word Alive Press.

For over a decade, Ruth has held seminars entitled, Yes, There is a Story in You! and thrives on encouraging others to discover the value of Writing Our Yesterdays. In 2004 she established Women Writing for Christ (WWC) in London, Ontario and a second Chapter in 2008 in Lindsay, Ontario, where she now lives with her husband, Doug. Beyond her passion for writing, Ruth has a Sharing/Caring speaking ministry that addresses life issues from a biblical perspective, teaches a women’s Bible study, and enjoys mentoring young moms whenever the opportunity arises.

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