My Canada is: Home
By Wanda Vincent

Majestic mountain peaks, endless prairie skies, brilliant northern lights, vibrant temperate forests, rugged wind swept coasts. The natural beauty of Canada is astounding to behold, but there is a deeper strength and beauty here.

I have had a chance to travel and live in other countries each beautiful in their own way. Although each time was an exciting adventure there was always that sense of “Ah, I am home!” as soon as I crossed the border into Canada.

Like arriving home from a hectic day at work. When you walk thru your front door, you feel the stress leave; you take your shoes off and recline in your favorite chair. You are home. You relax and have that sense of comfort, safety and security. A hiding place from the outside world and it’s problems.

This is Canada, a place of refuge and safety a nation that promotes freedom and peace in this tumultuous world.

A very small taste of heaven our eternal home.

This is Canada, my home

About this Contributor:

Wanda Vincent is a late bloomer when it comes to the writing scene—though it’s never too late to start—and the author of the children’s book, Grumpy Bumpy Bob’s Great Day. A prairie raised mom of four, and a wife to an amazing husband, she takes serious the issues of the oppressed and orphans, and loves hearing real life stories of the amazing things God has done in and through people’s lives.

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