My Canada: Sanctuary
By Jen Jandavs-Hedlin

Like many Canadians, my ancestors left oppression when they embarked on their future in Canada. On my mother’s side, her family fled religious persecution; my father was a refugee. And while fleeing the horrors of war should be the preoccupation of no one’s childhood, our nation offered his family asylum, freedom, and opportunity. That context may make “sanctuary” the obvious choice for my chosen descriptor of Canada, but it’s not the only reason.

I have found some of my deepest communion with God to be when I was out experiencing this country’s wilderness: kayaking on barely-rippling water, hiking through the mountainous beauty of Banff, feeling the sand beneath my feet on Lake Manitoba, watching a glorious sunset on the St. Lawrence River. And yes, many nations boast of majestic views, but no country rivals the variety of terrain or the sheer vastness of our landscapes. From my perspectives, the beauty of creation appeals to us to praise our Creator. I will do so in His sanctuary.

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About this Contributor:

Jen Jandavs-Hedlin has worked in the publishing industry for over a decade and is passionate about helping authors to share their stories. She enjoys cooking, reading, writing, and organizing her home into boxes and containers. Jen lives in Winnipeg with her husband, and their canine companion, Montgomery.

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