Ode to Cordite
By Jen Jandavs-Hedlin

As Word Alive Press moves and begins a new chapter in a new building, here is a brief reflection on our Cordite Road location.

I’ll tell you ‘bout a quiet road,
That some would seek but few would go,
The gravel and it’s potholes a deterrent.
The name—it’s hist’ry of bombs and blasts,
Ammunition depots of the past.
On some maps it’s place is oddly absent.

Photo by Abigail Lynn

While people may be far between,
Nature lives, there to be seen
The woodchuck and the weasel in communion.
Racoons find treasure in the bins,
Deer graze amidst the prairie winds,
A scene the natt’ring squirrel can’t even ruin.

Our feathered friends make homes here too,
Majestic owls—I’ve seen a few!
A scarlet tanager eats from the feeder.
The flicker’s beat, and the blue jay’s squawk,
And high above the red-tailed hawk,
With warblers, wren, and goldfinch in the cedar.

I’ll miss this place—the road’s been worn
By Word Alive Press since it was “born”
With friends of old establishing this building.
Alas change comes with hope and fright,
We forge ahead, De Baets in sight,
Our goal to publish stories yet unyielding.

About this Contributor:

Jen Jandavs-Hedlin has worked in the publishing industry for over a decade and is passionate about helping authors to share their stories. She enjoys cooking, reading, writing, and organizing her home into boxes and containers. Jen lives in Winnipeg with her husband, and their canine companion, Montgomery.

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