Search for a Super Scribbling Sidekick
By Word Alive Press

We celebrate authors, but what about all those behind-the-scenes supporters who help writers slog through their work?

Do you have a Super Scribbling Sidekick?

Your constant caffeinating companion, who shows up at your door with a cup of coffee and a pastry pick-me-up in Hour 5 of your 8-hour writing day?

That perfect poeticizing pal who spends hours helping you search for a word that rhymes with orange?

The matchless manuscript mate who, after listening to you babble through your 20-minute book launch speech, will respond with “Now let’s try it again, only slower.”

An author’s ideal agony aunt, who perfectly understands why your current life crisis hinges on whether your heroine should be named Emily or Miranda and on that perfect opening paragraph that is absolutely eluding you?

They’ve held your hand through thick and thin, kept you hydrated during writing marathons, supplied you with new ideas and a willing ear at every turn—and now it’s time to thank them!

If you have a best brainstorming buddy, we want to hear about them! Tweet or Facebook the reasons that your Super Scribbling Sidekick rocks and you’ll both be in the running to win a Starbucks gift card from us—the perfect gift for the creativity companion who will be up all night helping you list alternate endings for your latest novel. Make sure to tag us in the post—and also your buddy so they can see how much you appreciate them! Contest ends August 20, 2015.

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