Spotlight on For Your Health
By Lorna Dueck and Dr. Nell DeBoer

We are pleased to introduce For Your Health by Lorna Dueck and Dr. Nell DeBoer. This inspiring book shares remarkable stories of God’s miraculous healing hand.

Lorna Dueck serves as the CEO of the Crossroads Global Media Group and YES TV network. For over fifteen years, Lorna has been a commentary writer on faith and public life in Canada’s leading national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and the executive producer of the Christian news analysis program, “Context.”

Lorna completed a Bachelor of Religious Education at Tyndale University College in Toronto and earned a Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton College. She has received honorary doctorate degrees from Trinity, Tyndale, and Briercrest universities. Lorna has been honoured with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributions to Canadian society.

Lorna and her husband, Vern, live in Burlington, Ontario, have been married for more than three decades, and delight in the adventures of their grown son and daughter.

Dr. Nell DeBoer graduated with a Master of Religion from Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, and completed her Clinical Pastoral Education at Toronto Western Hospital and Toronto General Hospital. She served as chaplain for the Toronto Hospital Ministry of the Christian Reformed Church and was the second woman to be endorsed as a certified chaplain in the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Her work as a chaplain led her to pursue a Doctor of Ministry, for which she wrote her thesis about healing called “Yearning for Wholeness.”

Nell was married to her husband, John, for fifty-two years until he passed away in 2013. She lives in Toronto and has five adult children and seventeen grandchildren.

In a recent interview on 100 Huntley Street, when Dr. Nell was asked about how faith and science can actually work together, not against each other, here was her reply. “It was because of articles that I started reading, and questions I had while in hospital ministry that I began to read a lot of books and went to conferences. I met some of the people that I wrote about in my thesis. I realized how the two [faith and science] are so interconnected.”

Sometimes healing is instant, and other times it can be a journey. For Your Health covers many of the different methods God uses to heal.

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About this Contributor:

Lorna Dueck and Dr. Nell DeBoer have sat at the cross-section of hope and faith in their unique roles as journalist and hospital chaplain. In their combined work of For Your Health: A Look into God’s Methods for Healing, they document what happens when people put the mystery of God, obedience to pray for healing, and broken health into spiritual practice. Through a well-selected collection of ailments and healings that are true and diverse, this book explores encounters with God that have helped people get better in body and mind.

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