Twelve Ways to Start the New Year Right

Christmas is over. The tree has been taken down, the needles swept up, the Christmas lights coiled and put back in their boxes, and only a couple stray Christmas chocolates are left. We are ready for the quietness of January, and the fresh start the New Year brings.

As you’re making your resolutions to eat more vegetables and drink more water, why not also resolve to grow in your faith and dig deeper into the Word of God in 2024! A great way to start is with a devotional. With so many to choose from, here are a few of our favourites.

For Deeper Study:


A Word from His Word Series
by Gary R. Small

Each chapter of A Word from His Word focuses on a single word or phrase from a short biblical passage. It is the author’s prayer that by returning to a simplified but effective approach to Bible reading, your times with God’s word will be invigorated. Find the entire series here.

To Feel Inspired:

Cultivating Gentleness

30 Day Devotional Journey Series
by Ruth Teakle and a Company of Friends

These relatable, truth-filled devotionals will stir you to live out your faith in tangible ways that demonstrate the goodness and kindness of God. Ideal for both personal and group study, they make a great addition to church and home libraries. Find the entire series here.

To Grow in Your Prayer Life:

Prayers for You

Prayers for You: 365 Days of Heartfelt Prayers and Meditations
by Shireen Spencer

Do you ever feel stuck in your prayer life? Meditate on these 365 heartfelt, scripture-filled prayers. You will grow, and God will show you that He is listening. Find it here.

For a Quick Study with Your Morning Coffee:

Divine Detours

Divine Detours: A 40-Day Devotional Navigating the Narrow Path
by Nicole Dubé

In a day when so many are seeking absolute truth, the one place to find it is in the Bible. Using day-to-day analogies and surrounded by scriptures, this devotional will help you navigate a closer walk with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Find it here.

For Creatives:

Devotions for the Artist at Heart

Devotions for the Artist at Heart: Get Creative and Draw Your Devotions
by Rev. Tina Rae

Take a walk through God’s Word in a way that will allow your creativity to shine through. This unique devotional is intended to encourage and inspire both novice and experienced artists alike as they express their praise and learn about how much God values their creativity. Find it here.

For Men:

40 Days in the Mancave

40 Days in the Mancave: Men’s Devotional
by Todd Stahl

Men need to find a place to get away, chill out, and reenergize. Wherever your man cave may be, carve out a few minutes each day to refuel in it. To be healthy both emotionally and spiritually, we need food. Guys love to eat! Spiritual food for our mind and soul is as vital as food for our body. Find it here.

For Women:

The WOW Series

The WOW Series
by Ruth Coghill

In these four-lesson guides, Ruth challenges her audience to discover and apply the Biblical principles as she openly shares the joys and challenges of her own spiritual journey. Find the entire series here.

For Children:

Wise for Salvation

Wise for Salvation: Meaningful Devotions for Families with Little Ones
by Christie Thomas

As your family follows each week’s series of devotions, children will act, dance, draw, imagine, memorize, and sing their way to a better relationship with God and a knowledge of His Word. Find it here.

For Teens:

Dream Big

Dream Big: 30 Days to a Life Beyond All You Could Ask or Imagine
by Heather Boersma

This 30-day devotional is your tool to discover God’s big dream for your life. Be inspired by scripture, stories and practical advice about how to live the abundant life God has for you. Find it here.

For Seniors:

The Meaning Is in the Dirt

The Meaning Is in the Dirt: Meditations on Life's Richness
by Annette M. Lane RN, PhD & Marlette B. Reed, B.Ed, MA

This book offers short and easy-to-read meditations that address making meaning through the metaphor of dirt. With their decades of working with people facing challenging circumstances, identical twins Marlette and Annette explain why making meaning is important, and they outline practical ways to do so. Find it here.

For Hope During Trials:

Hope for an Unwanted Journey

Hope for an Unwanted Journey: Daily Readings for Those Whose Loved Ones Struggle with Addiction/Mental Illness
by Rev. Bill and Donna Lea Dyck

Is your loved one struggling with addictions or mental illness? This devotional provides hope, a spiritual perspective, and tools for walking this journey. Find it here.

For New Beginnings:

Rebuild, Restore, Renew

Rebuild, Restore, Renew: Growing in Christ While Going through Divorce
by Gladys Thompson

These devotionals will help those experiencing the trauma of divorce and those offering support to better understand how to survive and grow through it. Find it here.



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Ariana Forsman is a Project Manager at Word Alive Press. She is an avid reader and lives in Petersfield, MB with her husband and her daughter.

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