Wellington's Dream
By Robert (Bob) W. Jones

Wellington Chiobvu has a dream.

He wants to be a writer. A published writer.

Wellington is a teenage poet and his prose comes from his heart.

For the past twelve years Wellington’s love of words has been honed through his education in the Village of Hope – Harare, Zimbabwe.

The education and support he has received is helping break the cycle of poverty in his family. In June 2017, Wellington turned 17 years old. His dream is to see his work published on the internet.

My wife and I sponsor Wellington through Child Care Plus.

So, like any proud family member, I want to help Wellington’s dream come true.

I’m sharing three of Wellington’s latest poems. Please read them. Why not share some of his work on your social media outlets. Thank you. This link takes you to all three of Wellington’s poems.


Things happen for a reason

Do not fall my tears

You broke my heart when

You fall.

Sometimes you

Fall with anger that

You cannot accept.

You are a one of a kind thing

That God created to comfort.

You comfort me and lead

Me in the right path.

Even when I am in trouble you

Give me hope

Tears, tears, tears

Fall with hope

Tears fall with happiness

You the best

Now stop falling my tears.

Wellington Chiobvu


Why not me God

I cry everyday for Your presence

In my life

I wish to have a long

Life and keep my family

God why not me

Take me and make

Me as Your servant

Use me and bless me God.

Things come without

Warning but You know.

Why, why, why not me

Give me the same wisdom

That You gave to Solomon

And make me great

I thank You

Wellington Chiobvu


When I look at you every morning

I Smile. You rule the day.

You are the best.

You shine with power over my life.

I wonder how God made you.

You rule my life and shine with hope.

Your light gives me hope.

Thank you for your light

And the new day you give me.

Thank you golden sun for your light

You are one of a King

You are unique.

You are sophisticated in all ways.

You are my hope for my future

Thank you for your light everyday

You give me light to learn

New things and experience the world.

I love you the golden sun.

Wellington Chiobvu

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Robert (Bob) W. Jones is a recovering perfectionist, who collects Coca-Cola memorabilia and drinks Iced Tea. His office walls are adorned with his sons’ framed football jerseys, and his library shelves, with soul food. He writes to inspire people to be real, grow an authentic faith in Jesus, enjoy healthy relationships and discover their life purpose.
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