What Have You Learned in Coronavirus?
By Robert (Bob) W. Jones

This whole COVID crisis is sad, senseless, and at times, traumatic. When psychologists work with trauma, a key feature to helping someone work through trauma is to help them find the potential positive outcomes they can effect. Find the lesson.

I asked friends what they are learning in this crisis. Here are the replies. And I’d like to know what you are learning. At the end of the post join the conversation and leave a comment.

I’m learning how often I touch my face. Now that I can’t touch my face it’s all I want to do—rub my eyes or scratch an itch or rest my chin on the back of my fist. Ugh.

Look and Listen

Our comfort zone is not a growth zone. —Les Paulsen

In places where you encounter other people I’ve noticed more eye contact, incredible respect for each other and distancing, and way more hellos from a safe social distance. —Daniel O’Neill

How amazing people are. When we have had a need it has been met. And how great technology and internet is! —Rebecca Pearse

I am learning that ‘waiting for it to be over’ translates into a lot of time wasted now that could be intentionally productive. Now that we are headed into Week 3, I’m starting to listen to what God is calling me to in this time, in this place rather than planning for a future activity He may not care about quite yet. —Lori Masse Bourgeois

Aha Moments

I realized that we as Canadians say “how are you” in our greeting. But now I hear people actually asking each other how they are doing. Sounds very different. —Charity Mongrain

Besides all the good points already made, I’ve noticed many family members of our residents who are, perhaps for the first time, gaining insight into what their parents went through, were traumatized by, and with God’s help survived and thrived. Towards a greater understanding – for some their folks are already with the Lord, but there are ‘aha’ moments! —Karin Laser Ristau


I appreciate the people on the front lines of this battle. Nurses, doctors, police, fire fighters, people who work in grocery stores. We need to lift these people up in prayer. That God would continue to give them strength, protection, and provision for supplies. I say thank you. —Angela Woods


I’m currently reading Chasing Vines by Beth Moore & it has been so timely because she’s writing about abiding in the vine. How the Bible uses the vine in so many scriptures. We are the branches grafted into the vine through Christ’s death & because of this, as we Abide in Him we can be assured that our lives can be fruitful. In all of this , let us “the church” be fruitful! —Kathy Miller

I have learned how much I NEED a place of fellowship and worship. —C.J. Godkin

I like to think that the old normal has passed away and He’s doing a new thing – transformed normal. Moving us from normal to a new season, a new normal for the church and Canada to a transformed nation. New transformed normal not “back to normal” but drawing us to being transformed again by Him with a new zeal!! —Lerena Greig

Grace is amazing!! Grace for one another – not only as a “global” concept but it the nitty gritty at home. It really helps!! —Anita Pearse


What are you learning? Please leave a comment below.

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