What is InScribe?
By Janice L. Dick

We are pleased to introduce Janice L. Dick, the Saskatchewan representative for InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship. We asked Janice to share some information about InScribe as an organization and the resources that they provide for Canadian Christian Writers.

Q: How did InScribe get started?
A: Our organization started in Alberta in 1980 as the Alberta Christian Writers’ Fellowship. In the 1990s, some members moved out-of-province and wanted to retain their membership. Others from other provinces also asked to join. After prayerful consideration, members voted on September 29, 1996 to expand across Canada, adding “Canada Wide” to our name. Then, in the Spring of 1999 we held a contest for a new name that would better reflect the scope of our membership and purpose statement. The winning name was InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

Today InScribe has members across the country. We write in almost every genre, including short stories, books, poetry, magazine articles, newspaper columns, technical articles, and stories for children and youth.

Q: What is InScribe’s goal/vision?
A: We exist to stimulate, encourage and support Christians who write, to advance effective Christian writing, and to promote the influence of all Christians who write.

Q: What are your objectives as an organization?
A: We strive to:

  • Sponsor an annual Fall Conference and an annual Spring WorDshop and to plan and/or participate in other events that are in harmony with our purpose and objectives.
  • Provide a magazine informing members of ICWF activities and events, contests, member news and other material that relates to our purpose.
  • Applaud other groups of Christians who write and any activities that are in harmony with our purpose and are authorized by our members.
  • Increase our availability and influence to writers across Canada.

    Q: We often come across people with a passion for writing, but who need a little bit of extra guidance. What would be your advice to them?
    A: As any writer will appreciate, writing can be a solitary occupation. That’s why we believe it is important for writers to meet with like-minded individuals who are both Christian and passionate about their writing. Local writing groups meet regularly to provide support and encouragement to Christian writers in various regions across our vast country.

    Besides finding support in local writing groups, InScribe offers workshops and on-line courses, a listserv, two writing blogs, writing buddy opportunities, a four-times-a-year magazine called FellowScript, Spring WorDshops—one-day mini-conferences—in various places, as well as an annual Fall Conference.

    Q: I understand that you hold writing contests. Can you tell us a little bit about them? Why is this an important part of what you do?
    A: InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship believes that contests are an excellent way for writers to stretch their skills and hone their craft. ICWF provides a variety of members-only contest opportunities to ensure all our writers have a chance to participate.

    Q: You’ve mentioned that Inscribe hosts an annual conference. Can you tell us more about it?
    A: InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship sponsors and hosts a conference every year on the last weekend in September. Events begin Thursday evening and go through until late Saturday afternoon. The Fall Conference gives writers an opportunity to come together for inspiration, motivation and to learn more about the craft of writing. Each year InScribe is pleased to feature a seasoned author, publisher, or other expert as the conference Keynote Speaker, as well as a variety of workshop topics and presenters. It’s a weekend where writers—whether they are seasoned or just beginning—can connect for fellowship, encouragement, and support. In conjunction with the conference each year, InScribe members are called to enter their submissions in our annual Fall Writers’ Contest.

    Q: Who should attend the Fall Conference?
    A: Anyone with an interest in writing is welcome to attend the conference. Our speakers and workshop leaders present from a Christian worldview, but that is not a prerequisite to attendance.

    Q: Who should I contact if I wanted to become involved?
    A: To become involved in InScribe, contact any of the executive or representatives listed on the about us page on our website.

About this Contributor:

Janice L. Dick is an indie author of historical and contemporary long and short fiction—five novels and another near completion—from her farm home in central Saskatchewan. She also writes articles, book reviews and blogs, and presents occasional writing workshops. Janice is the Saskatchewan representative for InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship and 2016 recipient of the Janette Oke Award.

Her website is www.janicedick.com.

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