What’s Your Resolution?
By Marina Reis

The start of a new year always arrives with mixed feelings. On the morning of January 1, some of us feel refreshed and inspired to get started on our resolutions. In January, the days begin to get longer already, and new possibilities can seem as endless as a pastel winter sky. On the other hand, some of us feel disenchanted; after all of the Christmas lights and garland have been taken down, and it’s back to the same old routine of our everyday lives (in minus forty weather, no less), it is also easy to feel let down by the promises each new year is supposed to bring.

Whatever feelings 2020 has in store for you, it is important to remember that they are just that, feelings. Whatever thoughts you wake up with on January 1 do not have to follow you through the year. So after you sing Auld Lang Syne, and whether you feel inspired or adrift when you hang up that new calendar, Word Alive Press would like to help you accomplish that long-forgotten goal. You know which one I am talking about. The goal to finally get your book published.

For the month of January, Word Alive Press is bringing back our New Year Resolution Offer. This offer allows you to mend a bit from your holiday spending with a $500 discount on the print publishing program of your choice and an extended payment plan from our usual five months to eight months. This also guarantees that you will have books in hand by Christmas 2020.

An extended payment plan is not only ideal if you are feeling a little tight in the wallet, but also allows you to take the publishing process at a slower pace. This provides additional and beneficial time to do things like polish up that second or third draft, to think closer on what your cover design needs to attract your target audience, and to reach out to those endorsers, big or small.

Now you are nervous. You are asking yourself, Should I do it? I think yes. Let me go as far as to say that this is the sign that you have been waiting for. That draft is half completed and saved on a thumb drive, those tea-stained pages are hidden in a desk drawer you think no one ever looks in. Take a look again at what you have written, what you had to say and put the next word down. And then the next, and the next. Then send Word Alive Press an email or give us a call and we will help you through each stage of this exciting new project. We are the experts at answering your questions and offering you the advice you need.

This way, when you wake up on January 1, 2021, whether you are inspired to join a gym, maybe just eat a little better, or save more money, or whether you are feeling a little blue that there is nothing you can do about the inevitable passage of time, you will know that you made the most of the last year by sharing your words with the rest of us. And we would love to hear what you have to say.

About this Contributor:

Marina Reis is a Project Manager at Word Alive Press. She graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

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